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Undergraduate Degrees in Biology

You can choose from three different undergraduate degree programs. The Department of Biological Sciences offers both a B.A. and the B.S. in Biology.

Choosing a Major & Planning a Curriculum

Students of all majors have gone on to prestigious graduate programs, entered the most competitive medical, dental, and other professional schools, and pursued a wide range of successful careers. All these majors can lead to successful careers in business, law, education, and communication, to name a few. Employers and post-graduate schools will not be concerned about whether you got a B.A. or B.S. They will be focused more on courses and relevant experiences that you have had, and how well you performed in them. Your decision should depend more on your interest and aptitude for the courses required for each major.

The B.A. in Biology offers opportunity for you to work toward a double major, or to pursue a curriculum that is also strong in courses offered by other departments. You can pursue your interest in languages, arts, and the social sciences, and develop a wider education appropriate for careers such as medicine and other health professions, business, law, K-12 education, and communications. Moreover, despite the word "Arts" in the term, "Bachelor of Arts", you can consider enrolling in additional mathematics, computer science, engineering, and physical science courses.

The B.S. in Biology is better suited for students who thrive on the opportunity to take more courses in biology and thus, to pick up lab and field techniques that will prepare them for traditional lab and field-based careers in biology, including graduate research.

Students who choose the B.A. Biology or the B.S. Biology program may concentrate some of their courses within a specific sub-discipline of biology. Our department has strength in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution and animal behavior.

Degree Requirements

The links below are provided as curriculum guides and checklists for students. For the official list of requirements, students must refer to the bulletin corresponding to the year that they entered Harpur College. 

For students working toward a Biology major:
B.A. in Biology B.S. in Biology (CMB or EEB concentration)
(.pdf, 60kb)

For students working toward the Biology minor:
If they entered BU Spring 2010 and later (.pdf, 8kb)

For students interested in combined degree programs:
3+2 BA plus MA in Biology, 3+2 BA plus MS in Biology
B.A. + M.A.T. in Biology 

Majors in Conjunction with Other Departments

Last Updated: 3/1/18