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The collection is housed in the Biospecimen Archive Facility of Binghamton University. The facility includes a temperature controlled cryogenics room, an archiving laboratory, and a database management office. Every portion of the facility is secure and access is restricted.

The cryogenics room houses thirteen -25°C freezers and one -80°C freezer, dedicated solely to the collection. The freezers are alarmed, maintained on emergency power, and monitored 24/7 by the University's Physical Facilities division. Permanent archiving of the serum samples occurs in the Biosafety Level 2 laboratory adjoining the cryogenics room and the specimens archived according to an extensive procedural manual developed by the facility. Information on each specimen is entered into a computer database in a database management office adjoining the laboratory.

Procedures and Standards

All biological specimens undergo the same general procedures which are outlined in the facility's operating manual, a document containing standards and procedures for all aspects of the facility's functions.  Procedures adhere to sterile technique and standard operating procedures for Biosafety Level 2 (or above) containment, along with operating standards required by the university.



Last Updated: 12/3/13