10 Things You Need To Know About Binghamton University Spring Commencement

Posted by Ashley Zachariah on May 12, 2015

Binghamton will celebrate a milestone event the weekend of May 15-17, as thousands of students walk across the Events Center stage for Spring Commencement 2015. Here are some fun and interesting facts about Spring Commencement -- and why this year’s ceremonies will be bigger and better than ever.

1. It's a "worldwide" event.

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The international flags that hang in the Events Center during Commencement have been an integral part of ceremonies since 1997. These flags represent the more than 100 nations our students hail from.

2. "Flo" will make an appearance.

Binghamton University has a famous commencement speaker this year! You probably know her as “Flo” from the Progressive Insurance commercials. You may not know, however, that “Flo” is played by actress Stephanie Courtney '92, a proud Binghamton alumna whose acting career began right on campus.

3. It's a boost to the economy.

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Binghamton University Commencement has an immense economic impact, bringing in an estimated $1.65 million to the local economy, $2.66 million to the Broome/Tioga economy and $3.63 million to the New York State economy.

4. You'll hear bagpipes!

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The Broome County Celtic Pipe and Drums Band is a tribute to Robert Harpur, whose name is linked with Binghamton University’s historic roots.

5. We went viral.

NPR ranked Anthony Corvino’s “Average is the New Exceptional” Commencement speech from 2009 as one of the Top 10 Best Commencement Speeches Of All Time.

6. The outfits tell a story.

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The shape, color and trim of Commencement gowns, hoods and caps (or mortar boards) indicate the academic degree, the school granting the degree and the subject of study.

7. Students take center stage.

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Eleven students will speak at Commencement. Meet the speakers who will share some words of wisdom with their fellow Bearcats.

8. There's a lot of degrees to be granted.

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Binghamton will confer approximately 3,400 degrees for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral candidates during Commencement ceremonies.

9. Expect a crowd.

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Between undergraduate and graduate students, Binghamton expects over 25,000 guests on campus during Commencement weekend.

10. You can watch it online!

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Binghamton University will present Spring 2015 via a live feed, beginning one hour prior to the ceremony.

For more information on Spring Commencement 2015, visit the Commencement Website. To all Binghamton University students graduating, get ready to turn that tassel right to left -- and congratulations!

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