My Binghamton University Bucket List: Senior Kate Sherwood

Posted by Kate Sherwood on May 5, 2015

I can't believe that in just a couple of weeks, I'll be able to call myself a Binghamton University alumna. It seems not too long ago that I transferred here from New Paltz and was hauling my stuff into Endicott, room 224. Since then, I've grown to love Binghamton and all the opportunity it has given me.

I began as an opera performance major, but will graduate with a degree in social media marketing -- yeah, they let me create my own major. I've met amazing people from around the world, professors and advisors have become friends, and I have even been fortunate enough to help manage the University's social media pages. All in all, the past three years only affirmed my belief that Binghamton University truly is the "Premier Public University in the Northeast."

With this bucket list, I say farewell to Binghamton, and congratulations to the Class of 2015 -- we did it!!!

1. Hike the Nature Preserve

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Have you ever stargazed in the Nature Preserve? It's probably the most gorgeous thing you'll see on campus. 

2. See a performance

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Music majors at Binghamton deserve more attention. Seriously, go see a performance and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.  

3. Go to Wegmans

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I can safely say that I won't be the only graduate missing this beautiful heaven of a grocery store! So munch down on a Wegmans sub and reminisce about the good ol' days with your classmates.

4. Get an internship

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For this entire year, I was lucky enough to hold the position of social media intern for the University. Not only was it incredibly rewarding, but I also gained real-life experience, helping me land a couple of great job offers! Check out all the opportunities Binghamton offers here.  

5. Go to a Game

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Between the Bearcats, Binghamton Senators and the Binghamton Mets, the sports action is alive all year.

6. Eat spiedies

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I'm off to get my first spiedie as I finish up this blog post...because can you really leave Binghamton without having its most famous sandwich?!

7. Take a day trip

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Whether your visiting the gorgeous cliffs of Ithaca or taking a wine tour of the Finger Lakes, you deserve to soak up the sun and have fun before graduation day.  

8. Visit the Blake (a.k.a. Cole Park)

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Ok, so I'm from Long Island (like everyone else), and this hidden beach/lake treasure off 81-South certainly doesn't compare to the beautiful beaches we have, but it's still a nice place to relax and tan.  

9. Stroll down State Street

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May 14 is the day. We've worked hard the past four years, so crawl down to all the bars on State Street before you get your diploma (and try to pace yourself)! 

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