17 Fascinating Courses At Binghamton University

Posted by Steven Molinari on April 24, 2015

With over 100 different majors, Binghamton University offers an eclectic assortment of thought-provoking, mentally stimulating and straight-up fun courses. Here are just a few of them.

Tree climbing

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Course number: OUT 174 

Instructor: Benjamin Carver 

Credits: 1

Learn the ropes, literally! Students in Tree Climbing work as a team to learn basic climbing techniques, how to throw and set ropes, and how to tie proper knots. This course emphasizes team-building concepts and looks for students with the sincere desire to become a proficient climber.

Bones, Bugs & Forensic Science

Course number: ANTH 245

Instructor: Elizabeth A. DiGangi 

Credits: 4

Cue the CSI theme. In this course, students learn proper handling and preservation of crime scene evidence; forensic DNA analysis; fingerprint and hair analysis; toxicology; entomology; pathology; odontology; and the uses of instrumental methods in evidence analysis.

Korea in the Age of Empire

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Course number: AAAS 361/HIST 384L 

Instructor: Sonja M. Kim 

Credits: 4

Want to play 19th-century politician? In this course, students are placed into various government factions, where they are responsible for creating strong arguments and proposing a new government structure for 19th-century Korea. Students also learn about the cultural practices and political economy in Korean society. Topics range from Korea's forced “opening” in 1876 to “liberation” from Japanese colonial rule in 1945.

Back Country Medicine

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Course number: OUT 255 

Instructors: Kevin L. Hastings/Sarah L. Lister 

Credits: 2

They don't call it the Great Outdoors for nothing! This course allows students to venture into the wilderness to learn skills and knowledge for safe and successful emergency care and rescue. Students even receive a 16-hour certification in wilderness first aid from a professional wilderness medicine association upon successful completion of the course.

Argumentative Theory

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Course number: RHET 354 

Instructor: Joseph Leeson-Schatz 

Credits: 4

Because "I'm right and you're wrong" isn't going to cut it. This class teaches students how to become a great debater! Students compete in formal online debate sessions, informal class debates and are even in charge of putting on their own public debate on or off campus.

African Drumming

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Course number: AFST 188B/MUS 144 

Instructor: Samuel Elikem K Nyamuame 

Credits: 2

Interested in exploring another culture? Got rhythm? This ensemble focuses on various styles of traditional music from the African continent and the Diaspora, including Cuba, Brazil and Haiti. Students not only partake in drumming, but also sing and and play other instruments. No prior music experience is required. 

Human Sexuality

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Course number: HWS 330/NURS 310 

Instructors: Heidi G. Thirer/Kristen J. Ericksen 

Credits: 4

Sex -- it's complicated. This class covers topics like sexual attitudes, gender roles, sexual orientations, communication and relationships. It also discusses male and female anatomy/physiology and how this relates to contraception and STDs.

Zombie Nation

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Course number: ENG 300Z 

Instructor: Virginia L. Shirley 

Credits: 4

If you're an undead aficionado, this course has your name written all over it. Students explore how zombies have been used throughout history and within society since the time of cavemen. Readings include The Zombie Survival Guide and the Walking Dead series. Brains!

Doing Business in Emerging Markets

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Course number: IBUS 480E 

Instructor: Elena Iankova

Credits: 4

For all SOM majors out there, this higher-level course might be of some interest to you. Students examine the comparative perspective of business development and strategy across the world; participating in one of five group projects on the activities and strategies of a particular multinational company operating in Bulgaria, Russia, China, India and Brazil. 

Digital Logic Design

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Course number: EECE 251 

Instructors: Douglas H. Summerville/Zhanpeng Jin 

Credits: 4

From boolean algebra and functions to the use of CAD tools, this course explores concepts that are both fundamental and advanced. Because someone needs to know what all of those 1s and 0s mean.

Philanthropy & Civil Society

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Course number: PAFF 280S 

Instructor: David A. Campbell 

Credits: 4

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a philanthropist? This course introduces students to philanthropy and the nonprofit sector by giving them a hands-on opportunity to become grant makers. Students are given $10,000 —real money— to change the world. By the end of the of the semester, students decide what non-profit organization they will donate to. 

Stand Up Nation

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Course number: ENG 300Q

Instructor: Ryan Vaughan 

Credits: 4

Why did the Bearcat cross the road? This course gives students a better understanding of the importance of humor. Students view the work of several comedians, from Ellen Degeneres to George Carlin, and explore how comedy helps to shape individual meaning and identity.

Prison Experiences

Course number: SOC 480A 

Instructor: Denis A. Ohearn 

Credits: 4

In this course, students are assigned to a pen-pal inmate where they examine the sociology of imprisonment. Students use memoirs and correspondences with prisoners to examine how real-life experiences of imprisonment correspond to the writings of prison "experts."

Solid Mechanics

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Course number: ME 211 

Instructor: Changhong Ke 

Credits: 4

This intro-level course teaches mechanical engineering students basic principles of stress and strain of members subject to axial, shearing, bending, torsion and combined loads. Students will also learn concepts such as Mohr's circle and the deflection of beams. You'll come to know whole new meanings for "stress" and "strain."

Love Thyself

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Course number: HWS 112 

Instructor: Jennifer Wegmann 

Credits: 2

Are you a female student on the path to self-discovery? This course examines how society has placed women in a dangerous social, emotional and spiritual position. It also devises strategies to help women positively change the way they feel about themselves. 

Program Models For Emerging Platforms

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Course number: CS 476 

Instructor: Yu Liu 

Credits: 4

Get with the program! This course introduces a number of state-of-the-art programming models for emerging computation platforms. Topics include multi-core programming, GPGPU programming and Android programming.

Sociology of food

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Course number: SOC 307 

Instructor: Ravi A. Palat 

Credits: 4

Food isn't just delicious; it's political. This course covers the global history of power, identity and the environment as seen through the prism of food. Some topics include: examining famine and hunger; state regulation of food provisioning and quality; eating patterns at home and in restaurants; labor relations in the food industry; and eating disorders/diets.

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