10 Delicious Dishes At Binghamton University

Posted by Junior Rachel Fisher on April 4, 2016

As a junior at Binghamton University, I've eaten my fair share of meals on campus. As a campus tour guide, I'm constantly asked, "How's the food here on campus?" and I can always respond with, "It's honestly really good. There's always lots of different options, so even the pickiest of eaters will find something they're happy with." Even more, as co-founder of the Instagram account @nyceeeeeats with my friend Nikki Motto, who is also a junior here, I definitely have an eye for some good-looking food.

Luckily for me, Binghamton University has an immense amount of food options on campus. So grab your forks and knives and join me for an inside look at the eateries available at Binghamton University, as I highlight some of the most popular and favorite menu items! 

1. Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl at Red Mango

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This frozen yogurt is delicious. With a plethora of options for toppings, you can choose whatever fits your craving -- savory or sweet!  As an avid froyo-lover, Red Mango did not let me down. I love that they change their flavors pretty often, so the options are endless! Photo by Rachel Fisher.

2. Margherita Pizza at Pandini's

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Thin crust pizza cooked in a coal-fire oven, made fresh to order -- yum! This photo was taken by Carissa Cabrera and Gabby Ricciuti-Gomes, seniors here at Binghamton and co-founders of the Instagram account, bingufoodie. Both food lovers themselves, Carissa and Gabby started the account to create a means for students to learn about and appreciate all the delicious food vendors and restaurants Binghamton has to offer, especially those that students might not know about!  

3. The Bearcat at Cakes and Eggs

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Named after Binghamton's mascot, Baxter the Bearcat, the "Bearcat" is an athlete's favorite: three eggs any style, two pancakes, homefries, toast, and your choice of bacon or sausage. With all it has to offer, this meal even sounds like a meal for a champion. Students love the fluffy and warm chocolate chip pancakes Cakes and Eggs has to offer. Photo of Chris Ogden by Kelvin Gutierrez.

4. Chick-n-Bap

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Chick-n-Bap is the newest addition to the MarketPlace. They serve unique chicken and rice dishes with lots of delicious flavor and spices. Binghamton's own Spoon University team helped introduce them in a recent feature. Sophomore Sadie Biale is one of the writer's for Spoon University.  She writes about anything from Food Hacks, to resturant reviews, to her favorite recipes. Her favorite part of writing for Spoon University is traveling to different places and brainstorming ideas while getting to eat such yummy food. What's even better is that the resturants she reviews give her a complimentary meal -- how cool is that?! Photo by Jason Cruz.  

5. Tully's Tenders at Tully's

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The popular local restaurant Tully's -- extended to campus! The restaurant's signature Tully's Tenders are a crowdpleaser. These tender chicken strips are fried to perfection. Partnered with some crispy fries, this dish must be the reason why the line is always so long. Photo by Kelvin Gutierrez. 

6. Salad Bar at Chenango Room

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The Chenango Room is one of the most popular lunch spots for both students and faculty. With full wait service, students can order directly off of their menu or choose the buffet option, which offers both hot foods as well as a delicious salad bar. Customers can create their own salads and top them with whatever they want! Photo by Molly Marks.

7. Deli Station at any dining hall

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Here at Binghamton we only serve the best of the best. Every dining hall proudly serves a plethora of Boar's Head meats and the finest artisian breads and rolls to compliment your favorite sandwich. Photo by Abby Bilmes.

8. Mozzarella Stick Mondays at Hinman Dining Hall

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It's all about the pull. Every Monday, Hinman Dining Hall serves up the cheesiest mozzarella sticks around. They're delicious and live up to the hype. Photo by Abby Bilmes.  

9. Mediterranean Station at Appalachian Dining Hall

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Every dining hall is home to its own unique specialty station. Appalachian Dining Hall, located in the Mountainview Community, is known for its delicious Mediterranean Station. Always stocked with fresh hummus, veggies, cheese, and more, this station is one of a kind and a favorite of many of our students. Sophomore Alison Stiel, founder of the Instagram account bingfoodisgood, really enjoys this station and all of the other healthy options each dining hall has to offer. She started the account as a fun activity to to show students how good the on-campus food actually is, and she hopes to inspire students with her photos.  

10. Everything at Mountainview Night Owl (NOWL)

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Ever get hungry once the dining halls close? Have no fear -- NOWL's got you covered! Serving anything from ice cream to burgers, this is the place to satiate your hunger! Photo by Jess Viosky.  

This is just a sampling of some of the delicious dishes on campus. Be sure to check out the Binghamton University Dining Services website to find out more about all the different eateries!  

Rachel Fisher is a junior majoring in psychology from Hewlett, N.Y. Rachel works for Undergraduate Admissions as a campus tour guide and is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi. She's looking to pursue a career in marketing/communications and event planning. 

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