Haunted Binghamton: Tales of Campus Ghosts and Ghouls

Posted by Morgan Gold; Photos by Kelvin Gutierrez on October 28, 2015

Is Binghamton the premier haunted university? Students, faculty and staff have been telling tales of ghosts and strange phenomena on campus for decades. Let’s take a look at some of the spookiest locations on campus. (Disclaimer: Don’t be afraid, Bearcats! This post is all in good fun.)

Broome Hall

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What’s scarier than opening a textbook? When a ghost does it for you! A student who lived in Newing’s Broome Hall, which was demolished years ago, claimed to always find her chemistry textbook opened up to the same page -- and it wasn’t her roommate playing a prank. The culprit was believed to be the ghost of a former student named Brian. This same ghost is also said to have watched this student sleep in the middle of the night. Eeek!

Library North Basement

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Apparently, ghosts aren’t that tech-savvy. There has been discussion of spirits in the basement of Library North. Some people believe these ghosts offer a supernatural explanation for random printer malfunctions.

Smith Hall

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And you thought your roommate was loud! A resident assistant was placing name tags on incoming students’ doors in Hinman’s Smith Hall in preparation for Move In Day. All of a sudden, she heard loud noises coming from one of the rooms, as if someone were slamming furniture. But when she opened the door, there was no one inside. 


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Talk about soul music! WHRW has been haunted by a ghost named Moe Loogham since the 1960s. DJs say they feel his presence when they walk into the office. If someone can’t find an album, Moe has been known to push the right one out from the shelves.

Sullivan Hall

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If you look in the mirror and feel like a ghost, it might not be from your lack of a tan. A female student is said to have been looking into a mirror in Sullivan Hall (a pseudonym for Old O'Connor Hall, which has been completely remodeled and now holds the Alumni Center) when her reflection shimmered and transformed to that of a ghostly apparition.

Old Dickinson

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How many ghosts does it take to change a lightbulb? A custodial services staff member was changing a lightbulb one day in the sub-basement of Dickinson when she became light-headed and fell off the ladder. She later claimed that the ghost of a student passing through her caused her to fall.

Hughes Hall

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Doing laundry isn’t just annoying -- sometimes it’s terrifying! A senior resident assistant went down to the basement of Hughes Hall in Hinman to do his laundry one night. When he exited the laundry room and looked out into the hallway, he saw a ghost materialize into thin air.

Old Rafuse Hall

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Worst shift ever! Last summer, a member of the custodial staff was cleaning in Dickinson's Old Rafuse Hall, when all of the doors in the room started to slam shut, one after the other. The worker asked to be assigned to a different location.

Nature Preserve

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Wildlife might not be the scariest thing you’ll find at the Nature Preserve! Many students traverse the trails of the Nature Preserve late at night and early in the morning. In recent years, several students have talked about running into large, dark, shadowy figures while out for a walk.

Cleveland Hall

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Casper may not be the only friendly ghost. The spirit of a little girl named Lilly is said to laugh and run up the halls of Cleveland Hall in Hinman. She’s also said to make the elevator move up and down on its own. Darn ghosts these days!

Library Fountain

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Not all ghosts are scary -- one might be the love of your life! During construction of the old library fountain, where the Pegasus statue now stands, a worker lost his wedding ring while he was pouring concrete. Soon after, his wife passed away from a serious illness. Wracked with grief, he returned to the fountain to retrieve the ring. As he was reaching down into the fountain, his wife's ghost reached up from the water with a spectral white hand and gave him the ring.


Learn more about these tales in Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses written by Libby Tucker, professor of English at Binghamton University and past president of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research.

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