A Day in the Life of David Sherlock: A Biology Major

Posted by Recent Graduate Bridget Kunz '15 on April 20, 2016

There are a myriad of reasons why high school students choose Binghamton University as their home-away-from-home. One of those reasons is the diverse opportunities that Binghamton offers to its students outside of the classroom. Beyond academics, students here have a huge array of clubs, organizations, internships, part-time jobs and other leadership positions to choose from.

Here is a portrait of a student with a ‘go-getter’ attitude who is taking advantage of all the opportunities that Binghamton boasts.

David Sherlock

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Hometown: Massapequa, N.Y.

Home at Binghamton: College-in-the-Woods, Onondaga Hall

School: Harpur College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major: Biology

Minor: Studio Art and Design concentration in Drawing

Year: Senior

What clubs or organizations on campus are you actively involved in?

"I have been in Harpur’s Ferry for five semesters as an EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician - Basic). I am an attendant and I assist on calls, but I am also training to be a driver. I hold a position as the Member at Large. That means I am the fourth student director of Harpur’s Ferry and I sit on a Board of Directors with various administration members of the university, such as with April Thompson, the associate vice president and dean of students. We discuss the application of a five-year plan. This includes changes we need to make now to make improvements later. On a more immediate Harpur’s Ferry member-scale, I am the point person for handling any concerns among staff members or supervisors."

Why did you choose to become an EMT?

"Before college, I volunteered at a hospital. I really liked the setting, but I couldn’t actively do anything because I didn’t have any medical qualifications. So when I came to Binghamton I learned about Harpur’s Ferry and thought that it would a great way to get more hands-on training and experience. I have always known I want to be a doctor, specifically, a cardiothoracic surgeon."

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Do you have any jobs at this time?

"I am a resident assistant in Onondaga Hall in College-in-the-Woods. I’ve been an RA for almost three years because I was also a summer RA. I also serve on RA Council. I act as one of two CIW reps as a liaison between the central Residential Life supervisors and the RAs themselves. We help provide feedback about the implementation of policies and events. I am also a mentor RA for the newer members on my staff, so I provide guidance for any questions they have. The other job I hold is as a campus tour guide. A few times a month, I get to show prospective students and their families around campus and share information about Binghamton with them."

Why did you choose to get involved with Residential Life and Undergraduate Admissions? 

"Well, my mom was an RA where she went to school, which gave me the drive to want to be one to. She is also a single mother of four, and I wanted to make a smart financial choice to lessen that fiscal burden for her. I became a tour guide because I really like talking to parents, even more so than the kids. That’s because college is a huge financial decision, so I like to articulate that Binghamton is not just a great value, but a place for their child to grow as an individual."

Have you had any internships?

"My freshman year I did the REACH Peer Internship through Health Education Services. REACH stands for Real Education About College Health. We learned and studied health epidemics on a college campus, from issues such as the common cold to STDs. We would then share this knowledge with students around campus through tabling or hosting events. It was a very beneficial experience for networking with different members of the University’s administration. This isn’t an internship, but when I am home I volunteer at Cohen’s Children's Medical Center on Long Island."

How have your collective experiences with your multitude of roles and activities impacted you?

"In general, I have learned how I deal with things as a leader. The profession I want to go into is heavily dependent on my ability to make calls that affect people’s lives. So here at Binghamton, on a smaller scale, I am proving to myself that I am fully capable of making tough choices, prioritizing, and functioning both independently and as a team member."

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How do you manage your time?

"I have a lot going on, so I have to make sure I make time for myself to just be a person. My phone has all my meetings listed in it. If it’s not in the phone, it’s not getting done. I am always prompt with my responses to things. The second I make a commitment I’ll plug it right into my calendar. I intentionally don’t schedule things for certain times, so that I have time to breathe. So indirectly, I guess I schedule free time."

You are clearly a very busy person. How do you have fun?

"I listen to music. My new favorite is Allie X. I has also recently started working out, and that has become a big focal point for my peace of mind and relaxation. I particularly enjoy yoga."

On a more academic note, how did you choose your major and minor?

"I chose my major out of the thought process that I had to do biology to be pre-med, but that’s not the case at all. You can really major in whatever you want as long as you cover the science prerequisites for pre-health. I just didn’t realize that until well into my major. My minor materialized from taking my aesthetic credit as Drawing I. I chose it because Professor Niles was teaching it and she was my EOP advisor freshman year in arts and humanities. I loved the class and it just took off from there."

What do you plan on doing after graduation?

"As of now, I am applying to Binghamton’s one year master’s in biology, as it’s paired with my undergrad work. I hope to continue with ResLife and become an ARC while I complete my master’s. After that I am going to start applying to med school this summer and tackle all those applications early."

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With all you do, you likely don’t have a ‘typical’ day, but can you describe a day of your week?

7:30 a.m. - “On Mondays, my alarm goes off. I check Instagram until 7:37 until my second alarm goes off. Yes, I actually schedule time for that. I get up, shower and I take a while to pick out my outfit for the day.

8:20 a.m. - “I leave my room to go to Aquatic Fitness class in the West Gym.”

9:30 a.m. - “Next, I go to Cellular NeuroBiology in Lecture Hall 7.”

10:50 a.m. - “I have a break, so I’ll go to the Dean of Students Office to hang out with my friend that is a case manager, and I’ll eat lunch with her.”

Noon - “I hold Member at Large office hours for Harpur’s Ferry members.”

1 p.m. - “Depending on the week, I might have a one-on-one meeting with my resident director.”

2 p.m. - “I have a break, so I usually try to catch up on Scream Queens or Once Upon a Time.”

3-6 p.m. - “I have shift for Harpur’s Ferry.”

6 p.m.- “I get dinner in CIW and hang out with friends.”

7 p.m. - “On days that I have RA duty I will work out in my room until 8 p.m.”

8 p.m.-Midnight - “I’ll be in the RA office for duty. I try to get homework done or watch Netflix.”

Midnight-1 a.m. - “The next day my classes start later, so I’ll stay up and finish my homework if I need to.”

Do you have any advice for incoming students or those that are undecided?

"Being undecided is completely okay. You don’t have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. The General Education requirements are set up really well to let you explore different disciplines. My advice would be that it doesn’t matter that you don’t know what you want to learn about because college is much more than just the classroom, so embrace the uncertainty. High school was a bubble, and being at Binghamton allows you to learn about yourself."

Bridget Kunz graduated from Binghamton University in 2015. 

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