11 Tips And Resources At Binghamton University To Help Land Your Dream Job

Posted by Morgan Gold on December 7, 2015

Want to land your dream job? Well, you'll need the right tools to develop yourself! Here are some tips and resources available at Binghamton University to help fuel your future success!

1. Get an internship

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Prove to employers that you have the right skills for the job! Getting an internship is the best way to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in your prospective field. Career Development Centralized Internships (CDCI) connect undergraduates with an internship of their choice, while giving them an opportunity to earn up to 8 credits that count towards graduation.

2. Perfect your resume

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Most employers spend less than 30 seconds reviewing resumes, so make yours count! Attend a Fleishman Center program on how to construct the best possible resume, and have yours critiqued during walk-in advising hours. Be sure to review the Binghamton University Fleishman Center Resume Writing Quick Reference Guide. Remember, each job or internship requires a slightly different representation of your skills, tailored to the position you are applying for!

3. Discover your interests

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Finding the career that’s right for you starts by finding a field that sparks your interest! Try taking one of 17 fascinating courses at Binghamton University, or join a club or organization to develop your skills. If you’re unsure of your career goals, take the Focus 2 self assessment -- a career and major exploration instrument that provides initial ideas for areas you should explore. Then sit down with a career consultant to discuss your results.

4. Visit the Fleishman Center

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Don’t stress that graduation is approaching quicker than you expected! The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development is dedicated to assistiing you in your personal career needs. Take advantage of daily walk-in career advising hours, or make an appointment to have one-on-one professional help for resume review, cover letter critiquing and general career advice. While you're at it, sign-up for a mock interview to ease those pre-interview jitters and receive helpful feedback.

5. Attend networking events in NYC

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Sitting on your couch all winter break won’t get you a job! Meet employers and make connections for mentorship and job opportunities at this year's Binghamton Bearcats in the City event. Attend a NYC employer site visit to learn what a day in the life is like in a broad range of industries and careers, and take advantage of Metro Connections night to connect with alumni in a wide range of professions working in NYC.

6. Join the Alumni Association

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Did you know that once you graduate, you become a free member of the Alumni Association? Stop by the recently renovated Alumni Center in Old O’Connor Hall, which holds various alumni events throughout the year! Find out about Binghamton alumni and their successful careers! Don’t forget to network with alumni at Homecoming, the largest alumni gathering of the year!

7. Get to know your professors

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No question is a bad question! Ask your professors about current trends and careers in their field. Raise your hand and participate in class, and be remembered as an active student. You’ll be thankful when you need a letter of recommendation.

8. Make connections on LinkedIn

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Use social media proactively -- not to procrastinate. Create a LinkedIn account and connect with the official Binghamton University LinkedIn page. View more than 60,00 profiles who have a direct connection to the University. Check out notable alumni who express their #BingPride by networking with students. Remember, there is nothing our alumni enjoy more than helping other Binghamton alumni.

9. Attend career fairs

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Get face-to-face with recruiters and put a face to your job application! At the beginning of each semester, the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development holds a Job and Internship Fair in the Events Center. This fall’s fair saw recruiters from over 130 employers! Save the date -- the Spring Job and Internship Fair will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

10. Log into hireBING

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The first step to landing your dream job is finding out where to apply! Make the job hunting process easier by using hireBING -- the online connection between Binghamton University students, alumni, and employers for jobs and internships. Post your carefully revised resume to be circulated among more than 6,000 employers, and search for available positions to find the one right for you!

11. Join the LACE program

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If you want to know what the daily tasks of a job look like, see for yourself! Learn through the Liberal Arts to Careers Externship (LACE) program, where selected students get the opportunity to shadow a professional in his or her workplace. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out about various careers without being directly involved in an internship.

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