20 Things You Absolutely Must Do This Semester

Posted by Patricia Nieberg on January 29, 2016

Welcome back, Binghamton students! If you're looking for fun and exciting things to do in spring 2016, this is your go-to guide. Check off your calendars and make your plans now. Because you can only stay in your room and binge-watch TV shows for so long.

1. Live it up at Spring Fling

Or should we say #BingFling? We’re pumped to see who our concert lineup will be this year, as we’re sure it’ll be epic as always. In past years, we’ve hosted acts like Sage the Gemini, Matt and Kim, Yellowcard, Passion Pit and more. With warm weather, less stress and good music, Spring Fling is all about good vibes. We’re hoping they bring back the velcro wall! 


Here’s a video of Spring Fling 2014 to give you an idea. 

2. Get down at the Library Rave

A library...rave? Whaaaa? Yep, it’s exactly how it sounds. Your friends will wallow in jealousy that your incredibly cool and not stuffy school hosts a 15-minute rave in the library during finals week. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? We can do you one better, here’s a video.

3. Get cultured with mainstage theater productions

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This spring you have the chance to watch your peers dance their hearts away in the mainstage production of Dancing at Lughnasa, directed by Elizabeth Mozer, or witness the tragedy of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by Anne Brady. 

For more on these shows, visit the 2016 Mainstage Productions page

4. Laugh your paws off with David Sedaris and CollegeHumor Live

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What better way to forget about those impending papers and exams than to laugh along with your peers? Kick back and enjoy the inappropriateness when CollegeHumor Live comes to the Osterhout Concert Theater on Feb. 18.  If that doesn't fill your semester laugh quota, enjoy the wit and humor of satirical writer, Binghamton native, NPR humorist and bestselling author David Sedaris at “An Evening with David Sedaris" on April 13!

5. Indulge during Restaurant Week

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It’s back -- more deals on meals! Restaurant Week might be the highlight of your semester (even if you don’t want to admit it). Enjoy lunch and dinner specials from local Binghamton eateries (sorry Sodexo, but we’ll probably be eating out all week.) This weeklong event takes place March 15-24.

6. Chat and sip java at International Coffee Hour

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On the first Friday of every month, head over to International Coffee Hour, hosted by a different department each month. Here, there’s no stress of wearing a suit to meet employers, so you can look cute and cozy. You never know who you might meet. And the best part? Free coffee. Cream not included. Just kidding. 

7. Embrace your inner Irish at the St. Patrick’s Day parade

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Parade Day happens every year, and we know all of you are excited. The countdown begins right after the previous year's parade ends. We know we don’t even need to bother to tell you to save the date. 

8. Get all warm and fuzzy during Random Acts of Kindness Week

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Besides being nice 24/7 (which you always are, right?) here’s a whole week dedicated to it. 

9. Find your fit at the annual Health Fair

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Over 80 vendors will pack the Recreation Center, East Gym on Tuesday, March 22 for the annual Health Fair. Be sure to stop by for your chance to partake in free workout sessions and enter to win a raffle. 

10. Learn how to network at the Job and Internship Fair

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Each semester, the Fleishman Career Center sponsors Binghamton’s Job and Internship fair. With an ability to expand your network and learn about potential internships, summer jobs or even future career paths, this is a must-attend event. 

Save the date: Feb. 10, 2016. Register here.

11. Connect with the Binghamton community

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Join your peers and community with University Day at the Mall 2016. This event takes place Feb. 20 at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City. There will be plenty of hands-on activities, performances, and entertainment from your very own Binghamton faculty and peers. AKA fun stuff.

12. Rep your residential community at outdoor events

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Each community on campus has its own form of outdoor activity that involves bonding and some friendly competition with neighbors: College-in-the-Woods Woodstock, Dickinson Mutant Mania, Hinman Hysteria, Mountainview Salamander Days, Newing Navy, Hillside Havoc and Susquehanna Block Party. Keep an eye out for e-mails regarding event dates and info. 

13. Get back to nature with Outdoors Pursuits

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From hiking to skiing to roasting marshmallows, there‘s definitely something for everyone to enjoy in the Great Outdoors. With Outdoor Pursuits, you can enjoy the nature that surrounds us and stay active. 

For dates and rates, visit the Activities and Workshops page

14. Volunteer over spring break

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For those staying local during spring break, there are various opportunities to make the most out of your time off. Through the "Alternative Spring Break," students get the chance to give back to the Binghamton community. You can also engage in service-related activities around the world!

15. Enjoy the hidden adventure and beauty of upstate New York

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Why do people ♥ NY? We found a cool website that offers a list of events and sites throughout the state worth seeing. If you have a Saturday free, go cliff jumping, hiking or even waterfall watching in the upstate area. Cross some items off your bucket list! 

16. Watch your fellow Bearcats graduate

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*Cue the graduation music* It’s bittersweet as we say goodbye to our seniors and wish them good luck as they go off into the real world. Even when they leave us, we’ll still remember them as part of the Bearcat family.

If you are graduating, make sure to go through your “Graduation Checklist.” 

17. Root on the team at the senior basketball game

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Show the men’s basketball team some love at their final home game of the semester, and of their college career. Bittersweet emotions will run high as they play their hearts out one last time. Put on some green and cheer them on! 

For the schedule of final games, click here.

18. Immerse yourself in celebration at the Purim Carnival

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Chabbad’s Purim Carnival at Binghamton is always a memorable event with rides, games, costume competitions, food and even a mechanical bull. Yes, a mechanical bull. In addition to the fun, there is also a charity prize donation.

19. Enjoy spring break

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We hope you have healthy spring break filled with delicious home cooking, reunions with friends/family, and vacations in the tropics. Or Long Island. 

20. Celebrate your Bearcat women at the Women’s Athletic Luncheon

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Every year the Athletics Department organizes a luncheon to recognize women athletes and their dedication to their studies and sport. We are so excited for special speaker Amy Van Dyken Rouen, who is an inspiration to all with her Olympic feats, as well as her triumphant recovery after an accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. 

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