11 Hilarious Binghamton Buzz Moments You’ll Never Forget

Posted by Senior Matthew Carrigan on May 17, 2016

There’s nothing like the thrill of kicking back and binge-watching your new favorite series. If you love that feeling, check out the Binghamton Buzz, a web series with periodic episodes that highlight different aspects of student life at Binghamton. With topics ranging from greenhouse exploration to Valentine’s Day with Baxter, here are some of the funniest Binghamton Buzz moments out there.

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1. Meet Trey

Video overview: What good is watching your favorite Binghamton video series when you don't know your host? Sometimes called the “Jimmy Fallon of Binghamton," Buzz host Trey Santiago shows a couple of audition videos that earned him this prestigious title. 

Hilarious moment: Learn how Trey gets through his day at 1:45.

2. Trey Runs for President

Video overview: Would you vote Trey for president? With election season in full swing, Trey looks to a local politician for some advice about running for Commander in Chief. He learns the basics of campaigning, and even gets to speak to some Binghamton residents about political issues. 

Hilarious moment: Find out who Trey chooses for his running mate at 2:12.

3. Random Acts of Kindness

Video overview: It’s hard not to smile when you see somebody do something nice... like giving an avocado to an unsuspecting student? This Buzz video shows Trey performing random acts of kindness for students around campus, and inspiring them to pay it forward.

Hilarious moment: See Trey save somebody's life at 2:13.

4. Running with the President

Video overview: They say celebrities can have a rough exterior, but our very own President Harvey Stenger defies that stereotype. Check out “Running with the President” to see Trey join the president for his morning run, bringing only his sense of humor. (Interested in joining the president’s running club? E-mail hstenger@binghamton.edu to find out where and when the next morning run will take place.)

Hilarious moment: See what Trey thinks about President Stenger at 1:58.

5. Victory Dance

Video overview: Trey helps students celebrate the end of the semester by asking them to show off their favorite victory dance. Sometimes, dancing is the best way to manage stress. 

Hilarious moment: Find out how Trey handles rejection at 0:50.

6. Trey Gets Tropical

Video overview: Did you know Binghamton has a greenhouse? In this video, Trey learns all about how students maintain the plants.

Hilarious moment: Trey does his best to creep around the greenhouse at 0:23.

7. Baxter Loves (B) U

Video overview: This Buzz video doesn’t have Trey, but it does feature Baxter -- who is almost as good a host. Binghamton's mascot helps raise campus spirits as he distributes Valentines to students.

Hilarious moment: See who Baxter's future wife is at 0:21.

8. Bubble Mania

Video overview: Sometimes Bearcats just need to let off some stress. Bubble soccer lets them do just that -- and maybe even roll around a little bit, too.

Hilarious moment: Watch bubble soccer from a first-person perspective at 1:14.

9. Throwback Thursday

Video overview: Take a trip down memory lane as students look at old pictures of campus buildings and try to identify them. Hear what students have to say about #throwbackthursday two years ago, before it became an Internet phenomenon.

Hilarious moment: Learn what real tube socks look like at 0:55.

10. Club Crawl

Video overview: There's no shortage of activities here at Binghamton. Guest host Arielle spends the day juggling her time with different clubs (pun intended).

Hilarious moment: Find out what is wrong with Arielle's dragon at 2:39.

11. Harlem Shake Headache

Video overview: It may be called the Harlem Shake, but it sure took Binghamton with force. Check out this video to see the lecture hall erupt with spirit, costumes and energy.

Hilarious moment: See how milk becomes involved at 0:56.

Bonus: Bloopers Reel!

Video overview: Even Trey thinks his videos are funny! Check out this compilation of the best (and worst) bloopers from the Binghamton Buzz.

Hilarious moment: Trey is happier than ever about this important phone call at 0:32.

It doesn’t stop there! The YouTube series archive contains all of the old Binghamton Buzz videos for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to check back for new episodes!

Matthew Carrigan is a senior majoring in English. Originally from Farmingdale, N.Y., he is interested in content writing, copywriting, public relations and communications.

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