The “Instafamous” Students of Binghamton University

Posted by Senior Jacqueline Eriksen on May 6, 2016

If you go on Instagram, you will see that we have some very creative thinkers and trendsetters here at Binghamton University. Just take a look at the accounts below and you will see what makes these individuals so special: their ideas are fresh, they know how to create balance in their lives, they take initiative and they connect with people just like you.


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Rachel Fisher '17 and Nikki Motto '17

This account is straight up #foodgoals. Followers are guaranteed to become increasingly hungry after scrolling through their mouth-watering treats. It all began during the summer of 2014 when the two of them came up with the innovative idea to start a food account for their own amusement. After big food accounts such as @New_Fork_City began re-posting their photos, to their surprise, their account began to grow bigger and bigger, all the way up to 82,000 followers. Today, restaurants invite them in to sample some food, with the hopes of getting more publicity.


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Jiamin Li '16

Jiamin shares his incredible artistic talent through his fascinating doodles, which his followers idolize. He began drawing in high school, and although he would have enjoyed systematically studying drawing, he still finds the time to express himself through his creative, imaginative drawings. Jiamin believes that anyone can draw if they pick up a pencil, and finds it pretty amazing that anyone can develop their own unique style. Check out his account to witness his one-of-a-kind style with some of the doodles he has done of campus!


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Caroline Smyth '18

Caroline started her account in fall 2015 after she became sick and tired of the overwhelmingly negative results that came out of a "diabetes" Google search. She asked herself, "Where are all of the people who are living with this disease, like I have since I was a little girl?" She began to wonder if she was the only diabetic out there who felt alone. After realizing the power of blogging and social media, Caroline began to share tips and offer strategies on how to live each day to the fullest with type 1 diabetes. Through her account, she is able to share her story and communicate with fellow diabetics. 


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Emma Denenberg '15

Lindsay Zawatsky '15

Emily Zawatsky '17

Sarah Denenberg (John Hopkins University) '19

Who doesn't like to save money? Every day, Emma, Lindsay, Emily and Sarah select the best deals they can find online and share these great opportunities to save on shopping, travel, entertainment and dining with their followers. And of course we can't forget about the #freebies! They are working closely with local and national businesses to share coupons, deals and promotions that allow their followers to save money effortlessly. Being college students themselves, they understand what it is like to live on a college budget, and know that saving even a few dollars can make all the difference. If you haven’t already done so, you should follow @TheInstaCoupon to save money through their deals and spend your savings on your next trip to Wegmans, or on State Street!


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Ellie Bernstein '17

Ellie is a huge advocate of balance in all aspects of life, most particularly with food. She tries to emphasize to her 11.2K followers that it is important to eat well-rounded, healthy meals a majority of the time, which is made easier through meal prepping. Although she emphasizes the importance of healthy eating, she does believe that people could and should treat themselves to a nice dinner out with their friends or family, or indulge in guilty pleasure food every once in awhile. Ellie trusts that life is all about balance and listening to your body!


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Tom Wasserman '17

Tom's passion for triathlons began when he was fed up with team sports in high school. Feeling like an outcast, he decided to switch gears and try a triathlon one summer. After crossing the finish line, Tom fell in love with this unique sport and became more dedicated to it than he has to anything else in his entire life. Striving to excel in this sport, Tom worked on his swimming strokes and invested in a bike that was the real deal. His dedication enabled him to represent Team USA, and a few years later represent his birth country of Israel. To him, triathlon represents the first risk he has truly ever taken. Although it was terrifying to drop everything else and make this sport his priority, he has enjoyed every step of the journey. If you told Tom five years ago that he would be biking across the country to raise money and awareness for cancer, he never would have believed you. Check out his account to feel inspired, and to maybe take your own risks.


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Poorva Janbandhu (Graduate Student)

@StyleSpectrum was born out of Poorva’s love for fashion, creative writing, photography and social media. Through her account, Poorva playfully exposes the world to various styles and fashions. She originally began sharing her fashion sense through her blog, but found it would be beneficial to move her blog elsewhere. She now shares her experiences and opinions on the latest trends, fashion, food and much more via Instagram to her 10.5K followers!


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Franz Lino '16

Franz captures the beauty of city sites through multiple perspectives. He grew up watching his father engage in photography as a photo hobbyist, and always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. To this day, he has successfully done so by taking impressive photographs with the help of his father's photo equipment and by being the photography editor for Pipe Dream. Follow his account to witness his photographic sensibilities through his images of campus and beyond.


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Nancy Kwan '16

Nancy posts breathtaking images of her globetrotting adventures. Thus far, she has been lucky to travel to 15 different countries. Out of the 15, her favorite places have been Brazil and Ethiopia. She was mesmerized by the lovely bossa nova melodies that lit up each street in Brazil. In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, Nancy enjoyed watching a traditional coffee ceremony, and got to taste the magical treat. She finds it amazing how travel can inspire so many people in ways she never thought possible. This is what has led her to create her account and share her experiences.

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Jacqueline Eriksen is a senior majoring in economics from Baldwin, N.Y. She is looking to pursue a career in marketing/communications.