11 Reasons to Get Excited for Spring Fling 2016

Posted by Senior Matthew Carrigan on May 3, 2016

It’s almost that time of the year again. Held annually in May, Spring Fling signifies one final weekend for students to have fun before the stress of diligent studying and paper writing hits during Finals Week. Students can enjoy live music, every greasy food known to man, and enough rides to make your head spin. Here are some reasons we’re looking forward to Bing Spring Fling 2016 on May 7. (Say that five times fast.)

1. T-Pain is co-headlining

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The auto-tune master, live and in the flesh. 

2. Walk the Moon is joining the party

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Shut up and dance. We’re not asking you, we’re telling you.

3. Rides that rival Disney

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Well, maybe not. But it's still a blast! Take a step on the wild side and see the campus from a bird’s-eye view on the Ferris wheel.

4. Inflatable fun

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Miss the days of block parties and bouncy castles? We do, too. Unleash your inner child and take your chances on an inflatable slide.

5. Furry, cuddly animals

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This isn’t your average day at the petting zoo. Last year, there were alpacas. Who knows what this year will bring?

6. Games galore

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Show your competitive edge in a friendly competition. Check out some of the free games -- and good luck!

7. It's basically a Bearcat exhibit

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It’s easy to find friends on the spine during spring, but Spring Fling bring this to a whole new level. Take this opportunity to spend time with old friends and meet new ones.

8. A feast fit for a king... or a Bearcat

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Fried food, sweets, ice cream -- anything is possible.

9. Stepping on the coat

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We don’t need groundhogs to tell us when winter is over in Binghamton. Take part in this time-honored tradition of saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

10. Student band "The Three 4s"

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Besides their funky name, we’re really excited to see what they bring. Check out their recent Battle of the Bands performance.

11. It's completely unpredictable

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Anything could happen. After all, it is Spring Fling, right?

What are you most excited about for Spring Fling? Whether it’s your first or your last, make this an occasion to remember. And have fun, Bearcats!

Matthew Carrigan is a senior majoring in English from Farmingdale, N.Y. He is interested in content writing, copywriting, public relations and communications.

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