8 Things You Might Not Know About the Binghamton University Art Museum

Posted by Junior Allie Young on October 4, 2016

Looking for something new to do on campus? Head over to the Binghamton University Art Museum for an afternoon of gallery browsing! Even if you've been there before, the Art Museum is always full of surprises. Here are eight things you may not know about this amazing space.

1. It's nearly 50!

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The University Art Museum is located on the first and second floors of the Fine Arts Building, and has been there for nearly 50 years (the anniversary is in fall 2017)! Kenneth C. Lindsay founded the museum in 1967 to join art and education, providing a space where students of all majors could come together to expand their minds outside the classroom. Nelson Rockefeller even attended the opening ceremony!

2. Exhibitions are diverse, with as many as 14 per year

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From modern art inspired by Shakespeare’s greatest works to ancient Roman artifacts, there’s something at the Art Museum for everyone. Stop by to see the newest exhibition, “Baseball in Cuba” by photojournalist Ira Block, for a glimpse into the country’s national sport.

3. It's always free

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Leave your wallets at home, folks -- this place doesn’t cost a dime. Even the festive opening ceremonies with food and music are totally free of charge.

4. Students and professors curate exhibitions

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The Art Museum has hosted exhibitions curated by students and faculty from several departments. Whether it’s through collaborative classes or volunteer work, the museum provides Bearcats with the chance to learn what it really takes to curate an exhibit.

5. It hosts a drawing marathon

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So what happens when students, alumni and faculty stay up for 24 hours to draw? Well, thanks to event founder and assistant professor Blazo Kovacevic, you can find out. The annual Drawing Marathon is a combination of art and stamina in action like you’ve never seen before.

6. The permanent collection includes almost 3,000 works of art from ancient Egypt to today

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Explore world history without having to leave campus (or find a time machine). Stop by a few times a semester to catch the different art on rotation. There are even classics, from Rembrandt and Picasso!  

7. You can take a tablet tour

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Curious about the ancient Greek vase or Wedgwood chess set on display in the first floor gallery? Just ask for the Visable Storage Tablet to learn more. The tablet displays an image of the gallery before you, allowing you to simply tap on an object for a detailed, student-written description of the artifact.

8. You could have a class there

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The Kenneth C. Lindsay Study Room allows professors to take out any object from the permanent collection and display it for their class. Now you don’t have to just read about a piece of art -- you can study the real thing.      

The Binghamton University Art Museum is open from 1-4 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, and from 1-7 p.m. Thursdays. Be sure to check out the museum's website for upcoming events and exhibits!

Allie Young is a junior English rhetoric major from Cortland, N.Y. When not singing with her a cappella group, The Binghamtonics, she's either hiking or writing Steve Buscemi fan mail.

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