Meet the Admissions Intern, Megan!

Posted by Megan Andrews, Senior on October 14, 2016

Here are 5 fun facts about one of our three Admissions interns.

1. I'm a transfer!

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I transfered to Binghamton from another SUNY school. I majored in humanities and social sciences because I did not know what I wanted to do as a career, and thought it would be best if I took classes that would go toward general education requirements. Since I was in the SUNY system, I got credit for all my classes when I enrolled at Binghamton.

2. I'm from Syracuse.

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I am from the Syracuse, NY area. I love going to Syracuse University basketball games with my dad and friends. Syracuse is also known as the city that gets the most snow, so we always have a white Christmas!

3. Why I decided to come to Binghamton

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I decided to come to Binghamton because it's not too far from home (an hour and a half) and because of its great reputation and affordability, I wanted to prove to others and myself that I was capable of great things. When I was in my first semester at Binghamton, I changed my major to human development. I remember I took a “major assessment” before coming to Binghamton to see what majors would be the best fit for me and human development was my top major.  Although at the time I didn’t think much about it, now I think it's fate that I ended up coming to Binghamton and they happened to have the major that was my best match.

4. I went to Ireland this summer.

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This is a picture of me at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. I went to Ireland this summer for four weeks and studied at Limerick University. I always wanted to go to Ireland, and I found a great program that offered an upper level sociology class which I took to complete my sociology minor. I absolutely loved going abroad and I have made some lifelong friends.There were about 100 students in the program from all over the U.S. and a few from France. It was my first experience going abroad by myself and am glad that I was able to “buddy up” with other students to explore. I went on many excursions and learned a lot about Irish culture through the sociology class that I took. Although I was there a few months ago, I miss it already and can’t wait to visit again someday!

5. I am a study-abroad ambassador.

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After my experience in Ireland, I wanted to share my experience with students and help them look for study-abroad programs. I am now a study-abroad ambassador through the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives office. I table for the office both on campus and downtown to give students information about Binghamton’s study-abroad programs and promote our walk-in advising sessions. It is very rewarding for me to be able to help influence students in their decision to go abroad.  

Megan is an event-planning intern in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and a study abroad ambassador. In her free time, you can find her watching the Walking Dead, reading or studying in Bartle. After graduation, Megan plans to pursue a career in student affairs.