5 Things About Cupid, the Admissions Intern

Posted by Cupid Chatman on October 28, 2016

Here's a sneak peek into the life of Cupid, one of our three Admissions Office interns!

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1. I hear this a lot:

1. "Is Cupid your real name?"

Yes, it is!

2. "Were you born on Valentine's Day?"

No. I was actually born just a few days before Halloween.

3. "Do you get that a lot?"

See first line.

2. I'm a transfer student.

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I spent my first two years of college at a community college in Rochester, N.Y. During that time I started -- and was president of -- a professional development club, joined Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, graduated with my associate's degree and made a lot of great friends along the way!

3. I took a gap year (or two)!

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Unlike most students, when I graduated from high school I didn't jump right into college. I took two years off to figure out exactly what I wanted to major in and to explore the country! During those two years I went from wanting to be an astrophysicist, to a veterinarian, to a flight attendant. I finally decided on management consultant after I shadowed a family member who worked in the industry. While traveling, I discovered that my favorite places were the Thousand Islands and almost anywhere in the state of Florida!

4. I'm an economics major.

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As someone who's always wanted to understand how the world works, I've found economics to be a great fit for me. It also provides so many professional opportunities that I know I'll be prepared for my career when I graduate.

5. I'm glad I chose Binghamton University!

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When I was looking to transfer, I applied to 15 colleges. In the end, I decided to attend Binghamton and haven't regretted my decision even slightly ever since. I've interned, taken classes that interest me, been exposed to amazing networking and professional opportunities, participated in a case competition, and made great friends -- all without the looming fear of crippling student debt. I'm proud to be a Bearcat!  

Cupid Chatman is a junior economics major from Rochester, N.Y. She is a member of Management Consulting Group, Phi Beta Lambda - Future Business Leaders of America, and enjoys finding new things to eat with nutella.

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