A Day in the Life of Kara, an Undergraduate Admissions Office Intern

Posted by Kara Bilello on November 9, 2016

Kara is a double major, an intern and a student athlete: Vicariously experience a day in her life!

4:25 a.m.
It is still dark outside, but rise and shine for crew practice!

5:10 - 8 a.m. 
I start each day with crew practice. My team prides ourselves in waking up and being productive before the sun rises! Most days, we see the stars above the Susquehanna River.

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Morning views from the Susquehanna. (Photo credit: John Galdun)

8:30 a.m.
Depending on what day of the week it is, I’ll grab breakfast and eat on my way to work in the Admissions Office or to class.

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This is my team in the Admissions Office! Melissa (far left) is our supervisor, Cupid is the data intern and Megan is the event planning intern!

Noon: This is about the time when I get out of class or my internship, I usually go back to my flat on campus to grab lunch with my friends and rest for a bit.

1 p.m.
Homework time is boring, but inevitable and important.

3 p.m.
By this time, I am getting tired and therefore, less productive. Naps are fantastic, and I try to fit one in every other day.

4 p.m.
Optimally, I love to go to the East Gym every day. Fitness is one of the best ways for me to de-stress, get my mind off schoolwork for a bit and get my heart rate up! I recently began weightlifting and I can’t recommend the group fitness classes highly enough; they’re so much fun and there is an activity that suits everyone.

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Here's a peek into the cardio corner of FitSpace in the East Gym!

5 p.m.
Around this time, I go home and shower, eat a snack (probably Greek yogurt, which I usually have a plethora of), and talk to some friends from home or my family.

6  p.m.
Time to head to class! I have my favorite Creative Writing Workshops in Fiction and Poetry in the evenings, so I always feel excited to go!

8 p.m.
Depending on what is available, my friends and I will cook dinner or (more likely) go to a dining hall. Fueling up is key and making time to eat keeps my energy up through the busy day.

9 p.m.
I am usually sleepy in the evening, so I always would rather work on easier homework; for me, this is literature or creative writing. Or, if I am feeling lazy (which does happen sometimes!) I’ll play on my phone for a bit instead.

10 p.m.
Finally having reached the end of my day, I journal for a bit about what I would like to do in the upcoming days, as well as vent about anything that has been stressing me.

10:30 p.m.
My bed is never more comfortable than at the end of a long day. (Note: I recommend getting more than six hours of sleep.)

Kara Bilello is a sophomore from Syracuse, NY. She majors in English and Spanish and in her free time, enjoys being a coxswain on the crew team, writing for Pipe Dream, singing, and learning to play instruments.