14 Unique Photos of the Binghamton University Clock Tower

Posted by Rahilou Diallo on November 17, 2016

Built in 2000, Binghamton's Clock Tower stands at 108.25 feet and is one of the University's most recognizable landmarks. Let's take a look at all the different faces of this iconic structure!

When it let spring take the spotlight.

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But came back strong in autumn.

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Fall-ing for its beauty.

When it was just getting started.

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Oh, the memories. 

And friends started to show up.

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When it silhouetted a beautiful sunset.

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And made a lovely reflection.

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Looking good every second of the day. 

When the moon paid a visit.

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Time to go to sleep. zzzzzzz

And it was somewhere under the rainbow.

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So, there's a pot of gold in the Union? 

When it was feeling blue.

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All the feels. 

But decided green was the way to go.

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When it got serenaded.

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Time for some music!

And even imitated.

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When it made even a rain puddle look pretty.

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Perfect timing. 

And didn't mind the snow.

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Rahilou Diallo is a senior majoring in human development and minoring in education at Binghamton University’s College of Community and Public Affairs. 

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