16 Amazing Binghamton University Photos from 2016

Posted by Junior Allie Young on December 13, 2016

Binghamton's campus is full of amazing photo opportunities, and between photographer Jonathan Cohen and our Instagram-savvy students, we've captured a lot of them. Check out the top 16 photos from 2016. Be sure to share if you see yourself or any of your friends in these shots!

Nothing but blue skies all around

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Students walk to class enjoying summery weather on a September afternoon. 

The first glimpse of #Springhamton

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After a long Binghamton winter, we're always eager to spot the first moments of spring. 

Bearcats who stress together, rave together

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Yep, this really is under Bartle Library. Every finals week in spring, Binghamton students take a 15-minute study break to de-stress with some dancing and tunes. 

The class of 2016 celebrates Commencement

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Though it's hard to capture just how much Commencement means to us, this photo comes pretty close. 

Time to look fresh

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Our campus skyline is looking a bit more green-ified after the clock tower got a fresh coat of paint this summer. There are so many awesome shots of the clock tower, and you can check some of the coolest ones out here

Proud to "B" class of 2020

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Over 3,000 freshmen gathered on the Peace Quad to form this giant "B." Do you see yourself or someone you know?

A perfect morning

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The Binghamton crew team snapped this beautiful shot on the Susquehanna River. Almost makes you consider becoming a morning person. Almost.


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We lit up Bartle with pride to stand in solidarity with Orlando, because love is love is love. 

Shindig at the Fountain

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What better way to celebrate the first weekend back from summer vacation than with free rides and live music? 

We remember

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Every year, students plant over 3,000 flags to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Welcome home, Bearcats

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Students and alumni join forces during Homecoming to create the most spirit-filled weekend of the semester. #BingPride

Double rainbow

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Shout-out to Sam Clarke for capturing this magical moment! 

Fall-ing for Binghamton

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We saw so many beautiful pictures of the fall leaves this semester. Jonathan captured these two friends exploring the best place of all to see the foliage: the Nature Preserve. 

The perfect shot

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Willie Rodriguez prepares to make a shot in a game against University at Albany. Talk about perfect lighting! 

History in the making

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the University Union's Mandela Room, Gillian Patrick ‘94, artist of the original Mandela painting, painted an entirely new portrait of the political figure. Here we see the incredible piece being installed. 

A supermoon rises over Bing

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This was the closest the moon has been to Earth since 1948. I mean, who can blame it for wanting to get a better view of this place? 

Here's to another great year at Binghamton University. 2017, we're ready for you.

Allie Young is a junior English rhetoric major from Cortland, N.Y. When not singing with her a cappella group, The Binghamtonics, she's either hiking or writing Steve Buscemi fanmail.

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