Results of the 2016 Binghamton University Social Media Survey

Posted by Melissa Wickes on December 6, 2016

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We surveyed Binghamton students in graduating classes 2016-2020 to determine why they use social media, which social media they use, and what they use it for. Here's what we found.

Who took the survey?

How do Binghamton students social media?

98.1 percent of Binghamton students have some sort of smartphone.

91.5 percent of students use their smartphone (as opposed to a computer or tablet) when they are visiting social media platforms.

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Why do students use social media?

We found that students mainly use social media for communicating with friends. Other popular reasons include news, entertainment and tutorials. One student included that he/she uses social media for "venting, finding support among my ethnic group, and political statements."

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Facebook is still a thing?

Despite the overhwhelming popularity of Instagram and Snapchat in recent years, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform among our students. It is also the platform that students use the most frequently, in comparison to how frequently they visit other websites. Snapchat was a close second (add us at bingbearcats!)

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What do students like?

This survey helped us determine which sorts of things Binghamton students like to see on our social media accounts. Our #HumansofBinghamton series is incredibly popular, as are posts on upcoming events both on and off campus. 

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What can we take away from this?

Binghamton students tend to use social media for the same reasons, on the same devices, and in the same way as people in similar social media surveys. Communicating, keeping up with events and staying entertained on Facebook mobile seems to be what our students are most interested in!

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Why does this information matter?

Binghamton University takes its social media seriously. We will use this data to provide a better, more content-rich experience for followers of all our accounts.

For more information on Binghamton University social media, visit our official social media page. There you'll find a directory of all of the University's social media accounts, tips for being a responsible social user, as well as information on the Social Media Task Force and how we deal with crises on campus.

Melissa Wickes is a senior from East Williston, N.Y., majoring in English--creative writing. She is a member of the a cappella group The Vibes, Alpha Epsilon Phi and she enjoys exploring new cheeses in her spare time.

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