Presenting: The Winners of the Binghamton University 2016 Snow Sculpture Contest

Posted by Patricia Nieberg on December 1, 2016

When the weather brought blankets of snow to campus, Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger, in the spirit of the season, decided to hold a snow sculpture contest, promising prizes and awards to the coolest creations.

After a great response from our students, it's time to announce the winners of Binghamton University's 2016 Snow Sculpture Contest! The competition was rough and the stakes were high, but only a few could become (drumroll) ... Binghamton's Next Top Snowman. Here are the winners and their respective categories.

Best of Show and Best Animal

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1st Prize: Hammerhead Shark 

Artists: Zachary Halpern and Ashley H Garcia

Location: In front of Endicott Hall's main entrance

The building process was an interesting experience.

"After we had completed the body of our shark, we decided to change its species from a great white to a hammerhead," said Ashley. "Making the wide hammerhead structure was harder than expected, and the eyes kept falling off. A few people asked us if we were making a slug or a walrus before we sculpted the eyes correctly."

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2nd Prize: Snoopy

Artist: Maxwell A. Myslinski

Location: Basketball court in front of Appalachian Dining Hall

Where did they get the inspiration?

"We finally settled on Snoopy after a while of thinking, because we all really like the Peanuts cartoons," said Maxwell.

Best Sculpture of a Family

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1st Prize: Family of Three

Artists: Taylor S. Goodman, Mack Conan, Lilli Harrington

Location: By Minnewaska (Hillside) in the quad 

They were determined to make it work.

"None of us had any sort of proper winter gear . . . [we] piled up sweatpants, leggings, socks, and anything warm we could find to brace the cold!" said Taylor. "We also did not have any materials to build a snowman, so we had to get creative and use Halloween candy -- that is, until we saw that the red M&Ms we used as eyes started to melt and make the snowmen look a little crazy!"

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2nd Prize: Snowman Spirit

Artists: Katie, Allison, Kyle, Jigar and Mitch

Location: Peace Quad

They definitely embraced the winter.

"We spontaneously decided to enter the contest because it sounded fun and we wanted to get into the winter spirit!" said Katie. "We may not have had the best sculpture, but we probably had the most fun making it!"

Best Current Culture Sculpture

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1st Prize: Pikachu

Artist: Tiffany Kwark

Location: Behind the Harpur Monument 

Why did Tiffany choose to participate? 

"I thought it would be a nice way to relax after a week of tests. And I have not made a snow sculpture since eighth grade, so I wanted to re-live my childhood memories," said Tiffany.

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2nd Prize: Big Hero 6

Artist: Yue (Alyssa) Yin

Location: Behind the Harpur Monument, outside of the Science Library

Pop culture takes the form of snow.

"I remember that as I was making the final adjustments to Baymax (my snow sculpture), the weather was gradually getting colder and colder," she said. "Nonetheless, the thought of creating happiness not only for myself but also for people who might pass by him brought me a feeling of satisfaction. When a lady told me that Baymax made her day, I thought to myself, 'it was definitely worth it!'"

Best Binghamton Connection

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1st Prize: Snowman Stenger

Artists: Kayleen Bonacorsi and Jessica Funnell

Location: In Hillside, next to the mailroom

A little creativity never hurt anyone.

"We attempted to use food coloring to make a face for our snowman, but it turns out that food coloring spreads really easily, so the snowman looked hysterical in the morning!" said Kayleen.

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2nd Prize: Fort

Artist: Snehaja Gogineni

Location: On the lawn near College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall

They threw caution to the wind.

"This contest, for us, was like coming out of comfort zone and doing something new for the first time," said Snehaja.

Patricia Nieberg is a junior studying English, with a minor in Spanish and global studies. She has nothing witty to add about this blog, but get ready for her upcoming one on international students!

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