14 Couples Who Found Love at Binghamton University

Posted by Carolyn Bernardo on February 9, 2017

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the love that Binghamton has brought our alumni throughout the years! These couples met during their time here, and a few met post-Binghamton. It just goes to show, you never know who you might meet on campus! Thank you to the alumni who submitted the stories and photos below to us via email and Facebook.

"Long hair and Lennon glasses.."

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"During the first few weeks of my first semester in 1993, I noticed a very cute boy with long hair and John Lennon glasses. Through a bit of detective work (throat clear)....stalking, I found out his name. I finally worked up enough courage to talk to him during the last Beta party of that year. It did not go well. In no uncertain terms, he told me to go the -/$& away. In his defense, I came across as pretty annoying. We never spoke again. He graduated. Two years later, I graduated. Our paths went in two different directions, over 2,000 miles apart. Funny how sometimes some things are meant to be. Mutual friends, small world coincidences, fate and dumb luck. We went on our first date in 1999....six years after noticing "Lars" across the quad. That boy from across the quad (Larry) and I have been married for 14 years. Our daughter is turning four months old tomorrow." -- Melissa Beth Smith '97 and Larry Smith '95

"Together 50 years!"

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Mike and Marilyn Barth met on campus and were married in 1966, “four years after Mike's Harpur graduation." After all these years, Marilyn still regularly meets with the women from her Harpur community every year in New York City. This past December, Mike and Marilyn celebrated their 50th anniversary! -- Mike Barth '62 and Marilyn Barth '64

"Our little guy, Sully... Binghamton class of 2038!"

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Erlynn and Andy met pole vaulting together on Binghamton's track team!  "The top-left picture is us at a track meet our freshman year. The one below is us now, and to the right is our little guy, Sully... Binghamton class of 2038!" -- Erlynn Kirsch '05, MAT '06; and Andy Kirsch '06

"We realized we were almost set up on a blind date..."

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"I met my wife Nancy on a 'singles' cruise to Alaska. I figured if I didn't meet anyone it would be a great vacation. Turns out, though, I didn't know her before. We knew the same people from our summers in Fire Island, and after talking, realized we were almost set up on a blind date -- which never came to be. Things happen for a reason. Two years after meeting on the cruise, we got married, in 2006. There were plenty of Binghamton grads at the wedding, including both friends and family members that graduated in various years. Almost 11 years and one child later, we are living in Riverdale, N.Y., and have been back to Binghamton a few times for homecoming." -- Larry Price '86 and Nancy Samotin '81

From freshmen to inseparable...

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"My husband and I met the first semester of freshman year at Binghamton and have been together ever since. We were both class of '08. Now we have a future Bearcat of our own!!" -- Lauren Hammer '08 and Devin Hammer '08

"We first caught each other's eye in freshman orientation.."

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"Laura asked a question about transferring credits earned in high school. Evan had the same question (or so he says) and turned around to give Laura a pound and a witty pickup line. As PwC Scholars, we had a Wednesday night class together. Our walks home from class usually ended with Ben & Jerry's from Mountainview dining hall. Often the ice cream was consumed on the floor of Evan's room, where we would talk for hours. By Thanksgiving break we had grown inseparable, and so began our ten-year journey together. As active Binghamton alumni, we come back to campus often. On a trip in April, Evan lured Laura back up the steep hill to Mountainview with a promise of Ben & Jerry's at the top. Overlooking the campus and the city of Binghamton, Evan got down on one knee and proposed to his college sweetheart!" -- Laura Vollmer '10 and Evan Roth '10, MS '11 

From sophomores to husband and wife.

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"We graduated in 2008 and got married in September 2012, with over 30 Bing alumni celebrating with us! We now have a beautiful daughter and a future Binghamton Bearcat!" -- Jessica Bedell '08 and Arie Bedell '08

"Who knew those RA icebreakers would be a meet-and-greet for life partners."

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"Joshua and I lived on the same floor in Hinman. He was a transfer student and I was a freshman, so we ended up doing all those icebreakers together. Who knew those get-to-know-you activities the RAs planned would be a meet-and-greet for our life partners. We were complete opposites, but I guess opposites do attract! We now live in L.A., with our 11-month-old daughter!" -- Kelly Spizman '06, MAT '07; and Joshua Spizman '05, PhD '10

9 years later...

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"My husband and I met in 2008 on campus via a mutual acquaintance! We both graduated in 2010, spent a couple years living apart trying to get jobs/our lives in order, moved in together in 2013, and got married this past October! And our wedding officiant was a dear friend from Binghamton." -- Tara Caiazza '10 and Michael J. Caiazza '10

"I thought she was cute."

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"Junior year. Fall 1982. Elyse Dranoff Kovar and I were both enrolled in Mgmt. 111 (Organizational Behavior) and were in the same discussion section. I thought she was cute. My house was hosting a date night dinner Party at 49 Chestnut Street, and at the insistence of my housemates, I invited Elyse to come to dinner. We married May 24, 1987 and will be celebrating 30 years this spring. It has been an awesome ride together!" --Elyse Dranoff Kovar '84 and Andrew Kovar '84

A Nature Preserve proposal!

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"My fiancé and I met through mutual friends in CIW when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore. We graduated in '11 and '12. He proposed last Homecoming weekend on the bridge in the Nature Preserve. We are getting married May 2018!" -- Rachel Flatow '11 and Nick Vicino '12 

"We met at The Rat.."

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"Both 08' grads. We met at 'The Rat' -- doesn't get classier than that." -- Bethany Carcone '08 and Matthew Carcone '08

"Binghamton will always be a huge part of our story!"

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"My husband, Anthony Zampardi, and I met through mutual friends during our last semester at Binghamton in February 2011. We got married on March 15, 2015, and most of our wedding party went to Binghamton as well. Binghamton will always be a huge part of our love story!" -- Abby Zampardi '11 and Anthony Zampardi '11

"We were both graduating in 2012 and decided we couldn't be apart."

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"Nina and I met at the 2009 transfer orientation and instantly became great friends! We were both going to graduate in 2012 and decided we couldn't be apart, and finally began dating. Four years later, we got engaged and are looking at tying the knot in fall 2018!" -- Jesse Tranvaag '12 and Nina Statile '12

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