5 Binghamton University Entrepreneurs You Need to Know

Posted by Leah Reigle on February 22, 2017

It’s National Entrepreneurship Week and that means it’s time to recognize and celebrate those who made their innovative ideas come to life. Make your dreams a reality, too, with Binghamton’s Entrepreneurship Office just like these five students and alumni!

Ariel Katz of ResearchConnection

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Ariel Katz and Avery Teplow stand on the Spine. Photo by Pipe Dream.

Ariel Katz '15 majored in experimental psychology and founded ResearchConnection, an online platform for students to find research opportunities, and for faculty to showcase their work and recruit top young minds for their projects. They recently sold part of their company to the Gates Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation, then started a new product, Labspot.io, which is growing in the med school market. They then merged the other half of the company with a much larger company to create GreenSightdata.com, which has about 90 employees which the original ResearchConnection management team is leading. It is located in the greater New York City area.


Tamara Freudenstein of Haute Novi

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Tamara Freudenstein, a senior graphic design major, created HauteNovi, a creative network that connects independent artists in order to further their growth, free of charge. The network exists to facilitate the collaboration between artists whose services complement each other. It prides itself on the curation of high-quality art from independent artists who are still in development, but who are more than capable of delivering a strong, unique product.

Mauricio Morales of Tibah

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Mauricio Morales, right, and business partner David Axelrod

Mauricio Morales, a senior in political science and government, initiated an interactive platform called Tibah that allows fitness trainers to easily keep track of their clients' health and fitness goals. Tibah uses natural language to interact with clients as if they were speaking with the trainer themselves. Trainers can monitor users' interactions with Tibah and add their own input to conversations at any time. Tibah messages users through their regular messaging app and trainers can log into the platform through the web via any device they choose.

Anthony Tapias of TruNeed

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GIF by Shawn Fleming https://dribbble.com/shots/3229133-TruNeed-Tutorial-screen

Anthony Tapis, a senior majoring in financial economics, established TruNeed, an on-demand phone app where people on campus could rent things from each other. He first noticed how his friends would often forget things—iPhone chargers, laptop chargers, calculators, headphones—when coming to campus. The final version of TruNeed was released in August 2016, thanks to the support of family and friends. During the first couple of months, Tapis and his team promoted the app at Binghamton University, and immediately began to see students lending and borrowing items from each other. “We are currently strategizing our marketing campaign in schools in the Northeast, as our mission as a company is to make students' lives easier, one day at a time,” said Tapias. “To me, being an entrepreneur means having persistent passion for your product. It means that past failures only make you stronger, and that you should never give up.”

Jacqueline Himelfarb and Samantha Tenenbaum
of Rope You In

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Rope You In was created in 2016 by Jacqueline Himelfarb and Samantha Tenenbaum, two business administration majors now in their junior year, to provide trendy, affordable jewelry to girls of all ages. It started when Sami spotted an extremely overpriced necklace that she needed to have. In an effort to save money, she constructed her own, new and improved necklace and then showed it to Jackie, who insisted on starting a business. The women created an Instagram account and started marketing their line through social media. The line includes lariats, chokers, bracelets and much more. The entrepreneurs take custom orders so they can satisfy the needs of each and every customer. Jackie and Sami want to expand their business and possibly open up their own store. As entrepreneurs in such a saturated market, they understand the need to be innovative. They love being able to deliver affordable pieces to women who care so much about fashion.

The first four companies are members of The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships B-Innovative Suites, located in Old Rafuse. The suites give students 24/7 access to workspace and the ability to collaborate and network with other like-minded students. Click here for a full list of companies.

Click here for more information about the The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships.

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