Binghamton Students Share Their Restaurant Week Favorites

Posted by Leah Reigle on March 21, 2017

It’s the most delicious time of the year -- Restaurant Week! To get your mouth watering, here are some of Binghamton University students' favorite Restaurant Week picks!

The Colonial is the downtown hotspot

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Photo from Colonial Facebook

Martine Sprague’s favorite restaurant for sure is... “The Colonial, definitely! I like the Colonial Burger, but I love the atmosphere. I love the downtown life and how easy it is to go out with friends and socialize.”

Strange Brew’s grilled cheese mac & cheese is life-changing

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Photo from Strange Brew Facebook

Grant Eizikowitz said, “I have a new favorite restaurant -- and it’s Strange Brew. It just opened up. It’s more of a breakfast/lunch-type place, and they have a really good grilled cheese mac & cheese. It’s really delicious!"

Ever heard of a restaurant in a firehouse?

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Photo from Number 5 Facebook

Emily Martini named a few of her favs. “My favorite part about Binghamton is the food, and the restaurants here are unique. I don’t see restaurants like Lost Dog or Number 5, or especially Whole in the Wall, anywhere else. I think the variety of food in Binghamton is what makes it such a cool city.”

Burger Mondays' egg rolls are the next big thing

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Photo from Maines Fresh Ideas (right), Burger Mondays Facebook (left)

John Lampitelli’s favorite restaurant is Burger Mondays. The cheesesteak eggrolls are his favorite. “I get that every time I’m there," he said. See what other mouth-watering treats there are at Burger Mondays!

Lost Dog’s Rigatoni Ala Vodka always hits the spot

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Photo from Lost Dog Facebook

Without any hesitation, Brianna Burbia said, “Lost Dog! The Rigatoni Ala Vodka is amazing.” Check out other favorites on Lost Dog’s menu!

It's tapas time!

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Photo from Social on State

Kandace Keating always goes back to Social on State. “I love the variety," she said. "I always get a ton of food and share with everyone. It’s a great ambiance.” For family-style fun, head over to Social on State.

Binghamton has everything, even a Taco Garage

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Photo from Taco Garage Facebook

Nick Simmons said, “Anything from Italian to steak, or a burger with fries. And Mexican, too, like that taco shack downtown.” Satisfy all that taco-craving goodness at Taco Garage!

Hidden gem alert!

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Photo from The Chatterbox Facebook

After some deliberation, Lucy Lin picked The Chatterbox as her favorite. Lin said, “I went last Restaurant Week with my housemates. The whole place was really lit up, around Christmas time, so the atmosphere was really nice, and the food was amazing! I had never thought to go in before, but I would totally go back!”

Go online for full restaurant listings and menu details for Restaurant Week!

Leah Reigle is a native of Binghamton, N.Y. She is currently a sophomore at SUNY Broome, and interning in Binghamton University's Office of Media and Public Relations. You could probably find her at the movie theatre or curled up with a cup of coffee in her spare time. 

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