7 Things We Learned From Superstorm Stella

Posted by Ryan Yarosh on March 16, 2017

If you know Binghamton, then you know two consecutive snow days is unheard of. Well, that is exactly what happened when Stella decided to pass by downstate and make a B-Line towards Binghamton, which then became the epicenter of the storm. The fact that you survived the most snow ever in Binghamton for a 24-hour period (31.1") is a pretty big deal.

I, for one, have more #BingPride than ever after seeing how we weathered the storm. Here are just a few of the things I think we collectively learned from this experience.

31.3 inches of snow is a lot of snow

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Making snow angels is fun, but 30+ inches is a ridiculous, record-breaking amount of snow, and it gets to the point where there is just no place to put it. That's where the amazing workers on this campus come into play.

One can only watch so much Netflix

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Whether it's Netflix, Amazon Prime or good ol' cable TV, you can really only stay indoors for so long before you need to get outside!

Lunch trays make for amazing sleds

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Seriously, when our campus photog goes out to take snow pics, I'm just praying that he gets that classic shot of students riding down a hill on lunch trays – and somehow he's able to find it every time! Big ups, Jonathan Cohen!

The decision to cancel classes is no joke

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This is a team decision and President Stenger literally heads out at 4 a.m., driving through various neighborhoods, as well as campus, surveying conditions. He also reviews local school district closing information, as well as what decisions other colleges within an hour’s drive of our campus – SUNY Broome, Cortland, Cornell, Oneonta and Delhi – are making.  

CIW Dining Hall will open even during a state of emergency

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Binghamton University Dining Services was amazing during the storm and even ordered extra food that was delivered on Tuesday morning, enough to last until Saturday. They then rented hotel rooms across the street for the dozens of food service workers who could not get home. 

Essential employees are truly essential to campus operations

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Binghamton has many employees, but 500 are classified as essential. These employees truly helped us weather the storm and keep things running smoothly during the crisis. In fact, snow removal workers have been on site nearly 24 hours a day since Monday night!

Stella was a great time to catch up on all the work we've been putting off

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My office is so clean and my inbox so light, but I'm glad things can now get back to normal. 


Thanks for reading and I hope you're now brimming with #BingPride, as this campus really comes together in times of crisis!

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