The Five Residential Communities at Binghamton University!

Posted by Kara Bilello on April 5, 2017

During the week of March 27, the Binghamton University Student Ambassador page hosted a series of 5 Facebook Live tours to showcase each of our unique dorm communities! Check out this post to find out which feels most like your future home!

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Hinman College

Made up of five buildings, Hinman is the source of some of the most school spirit on campus! Dorms are either four- person or six- person suites, each sharing a bathroom and common room. Nestled in the heart of campus near Bartle Library, the Lecture Hall, and their own Student Success Center, students in Hinman are ready to honor their tradition of public service and leadership. Those in Hinman are known for keeping their doors open to say hi to neighbors and friends!

Newing College

Newing College is made up of four buildings, each with corridor-style living and designed triples. In the spring, each building competes against one another in Newing Navy, a week-long event of karaoke, dance contests, bouncy houses, and games! Newing College and Dickinson Community are both situated on either side of what we affectionately call "C4," or the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center. It's a fun place to eat and study!

Dickinson Community

Dickinson Community was our original community on campus and now has the four newest buildings! Students here live in four-person and five-person flats, designed triples, and corridor-style doubles. Residents here are also the first to pop out for sunny weather to throw a football across Dickinson Quad, soar up and relax on a swingset, or compete in Color Combat and Mutant Mania!

Mountainview College

Mountainview College gets its name for famously being situated on top of the hill! It has the best panaromic view of the rest of campus. This community is made up of suites with four or six residents and designed triples. Its dining hall is appropriately called "Appalachian Dining Hall" and our food services host a culinary competition here each year!

College-in-the-Woods (CIW)

^^ We're sorry about the video; gotta love technological difficulties... If you love to be in nature, College-in-the-Woods is the place to be, with corridor and suite style living! Surrounded by trees, the five buildings of CIW offer some peace and quiet as well as their own library, athletic fields and courts. Each year, an event called Casino in the Woods is held in the dining hall to raise money for a nonprofit organization. Be sure to check out this community at orientation!

No matter where you find yourself on campus, it's sure to feel like home! And if you ask anyone here what their favorite community is, they'll say their own!

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Kara Bilello is a sophomore from Syracuse, New York. She majors in English and Spanish and in her free time, enjoys being a coxswain on the crew team, writing for Pipe Dream, singing, and learning to play instruments.