14 Binghamton Snapchat Takeovers You Can’t Miss

Posted by Melissa Wickes on April 7, 2017

The Binghamton University Snapchat account allows us to get an inside look at what and who make Binghamton so great. Whether you are a writer, a performer, an athlete, a bus driver or anything else, we want to hear your story via a Snapchat takeover. Here are some of our favorites!

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Madison (President Stenger's Dog)

Bearcats went wild over this furry takeover by President Stenger's dog, Madison! Watch as this loveable golden retriever shows you what it's like to spend a day in his shoes, er, paws.

Marlon Beck (NBA Player's Association Intern)

Marlon Beck loves to learn about basketball both on and off the court. Check out a day in the life of this NBA Player's Association intern as he helps prepare NBA rookies in Basking Ridge, N.J.

Conrad Taylor (Binghamton City Council Member)

Yup, you heard that right. Conrad Taylor, junior at Binghamton University, represents downtown Binghamton and the north ride on our City Council. Check out what a day in his very busy shoes is like!

Gabriella Aviles (OCC Transport Trainer)

Take the bus every day to class? Well, imagine driving it! Gabriella is a senior and the training coordinator for OCC Transport student drivers. Her day might start before some of mine even end.

Suzanne Silecchia (Education Abroad in Chile)

Spend a day with Suzanne as she studies abroad in beautiful Chile. Check out the amazing views at :48

Matt Pederson (Jazz Nutcracker Performer)

Haven't you always wondered what it's like to play the Nutcracker? Sure, you have. Well, follow Matt along as he takes you behind the scenes of dress rehearsal for a production of Jazz Nutcracker.  

Rohit Kapur (Pipe Dream Editor)

Ever want to meet one of the masterminds behind Pipe Dream? Well, now you can. Rohit Kapur is the managing editor of Pipe Dream and he introduced us to his team.

Aziza Hawthorne (Women's Track and Field)

See if you can keep up with this one -- she's pretty fast! In this Takeover, track and field star Aziza Hawthorne competes at the America East Indoor Track and Field Conference Championship.

Lauren Silberstein (Music and Business Administration Major)

Vocal Performance and Business Administration: what a combo! Follow Lauren from classes to rehearsals and see what it's like to be a member of the Binghamton University Chorus.

Jasmine Tsu (TEDx Student Organizer)

TED Talks take a lot of planning, and Jasmine Tsu sure knows what she's doing. In this Snapchat Takeover, Jasmine shows us all that goes into TEDxBinghamtonUniversity and introduces us to some of the super-cool speakers from this year's event.

Kathryn Schubert (Equestrian Team Member)

Does Kathryn ever have a boring day? Neigh. Check out what it's like to be a part of the Binghamton University Equestrian Team!

Priya Pandey (Education Abroad in Paris)

Priya, a junior majoring in sociology, spent her semester studying abroad in Paris. While we can see the Bartle Library Tower from class, she can see the Eiffel Tower. Not bad, if you ask me.

Ethan Feuer (Public Speaking Lab Consultant)

Don't know what the Public Speaking Lab is? Or where it is? Ethan will tell you all there is to know about being a Public Speaking Lab Consultant.

Julie Lee (Dietician)

Julie Lee is a registered dietitian with Binghamton University Dining Services. Her intense commitment to eating well and exercise just might make you feel a little guilty!

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Melissa Wickes is a senior from East Williston, N.Y., majoring in English--creative writing. She is a member of the a cappella group The Vibes, Alpha Epsilon Phi and she enjoys exploring new cheeses in her spare time.

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