What Others Are Saying About Binghamton University

Posted by Leah Reigle on June 13, 2017

Throughout my internship at Binghamton University's Office of Communications and Marketing, my favorite part has been reaching out to individual students and faculty and hearing their stories. Binghamton is full of passion, drive and a love for the community, and I'm not the only one who thinks so! Renowned publications are raving about Binghamton. Here's a list of the University's top rankings and a little bit of what fellow Bearcats have to say about their alma mater.

Bearcats are #1

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Business First ranked Binghamton as the #1 public college in New York in 2017. That #1 couldn’t have been reached without each and every individual that makes Binghamton what it is!

Bearcats are scholarly

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I went around campus asking students: "What is one reason you chose to attend Binghamton?"

The response -- “It's academics. The faculty here are amazing; they’re all very nice, helpful,and encouraging.” No wonder Binghamton was ranked #6 in New York State in 2016 for its intense academic culture

Bearcats are diverse

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Diversity within a college community is important, and it’s part of what makes Binghamton so special. On a list of schools with the most diverse student body by race/ethnicity, Binghamton ranked #37. 

Bearcats are wicked smart

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Binghamton was named "the smartest SUNY school" in 2015. You can't spell "brains" without the B. 

Bearcats are supportive

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Not only are our students crazy-smart, but they’re all-around awesome and supportive. Talking with several students, I heard a lot of praise for "the school's intimate feel and responsive administration." Oh, and corporate recruiters named Binghamton #11 among all schools for the quality of its graduates.

Bearcats hail from around the world

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This year, Binghamton was named one of the top six most affordable universities in the world for international students, and ranked among the top 100 U.S. institutions enrolling 1,000 or more international students. 

Bearcats are green

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Binghamton takes green to a meaning beyond just our school colors. One of the students I talked to raved about University's scenere -- “I just love the campus, honestly! I live up in Mountainview and it’s just gorgeous up there." In 2017, we were rated #32 among U.S. universities on a list of "top green universities." Energy efficiency is especially important and helps make our campus look all the more beautiful!

Bearcats get more bang for their buck

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Not only do we take pride in our quality education, but we make it affordable. Binghamton is #8 in 2017 as a best value among the nation's public colleges for out-of-state students, and #15 overall, according to Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

Bearcats attend excellent grad schools

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U.S. News & World Report included several Binghamton graduate programs on its 2017 list of "Best Graduate Schools." I was able to ask a grad student what she thought, and she said, “I did my undergrad in a really small school, so I like the difference of the bigger university. I think there’s a lot of camaraderie among students and the community. Even though it is a big school, it doesn’t feel that way all the time.”

Bearcats have an awesome habitat

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Quality and affordability go hand in hand for Bearcats. Binghamton was included on a list of top 50 most affordable college towns in the U.S., proving that you can have a killer college experience without breaking the bank. 

Leah Reigle is a native of Binghamton, N.Y. She is currently a sophomore at SUNY Broome, and interning in Binghamton University's Office of Media and Public Relations. You could probably find her at the movie theatre or curled up with a cup of coffee in her spare time. 

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