Why Binghamton University Gives Back on TAG (Thank a Giver) Day

Posted by Carolyn Bernardo on February 14, 2018

TAG Day is here again! In previous years, we’ve focused on all that donors make possible on campus and in students' lives: new equipment, internships, education abroad opportunities, alumni connections and more! But this time, we're talking to our donors and sharing why they choose to give back to Binghamton. If you see any of these generous donors today, or any day, thank them for all the things they make possible!

Celine Nehme '16, MPA '17

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"This school has given so much to me in terms of experience and the people I have met; this is my way to give back. I am eager to continue to make Binghamton a better school, and increasing donations is one way to achieve that goal. Giving back to Binghamton will not only have the potential to increase the value of your degree, but will make the campus better and provide more services for current students. Also, giving back makes you feel good for doing good!"

Jason Park ’18

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"I give back to Binghamton because it offered me an opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn't be happier to have come here and accomplished so much in such a short period of time. I will be forever grateful."

Tony Kornheiser ’70, LittD ’17

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"I donate money to Binghamton because I have been very fortunate in my life. I am the child of working-class parents, the first in my family to graduate from college. So many Harpur College students were just like me in the 1960s, scrambling around without much money, trying to find a path through the woods. I don't know how much going to Harpur directly affected my career, but I can't imagine what my career would have been without Harpur. I assume there are many, many students at Binghamton now with backgrounds similar to mine. I hope to make their walk uphill a little flatter."

Joe Arra ’15

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"When I was a student, other alumni were staying engaged and getting involved. I want to help fellow Bearcats. I hope to help inspire others to go after their dreams. Every dollar makes an impact in some way, shape or form. It is going to go to something, like my friends in EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). Contributions also affect our rankings, so that helps the value of our degrees as well. Your experience at Binghamton wouldn’t have been the same without alumni support."

Julia Tinker ’14

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"I give back to Binghamton, specifically to CCPA (College of Community and Public Affairs), because dollars go toward retaining faculty and their research initiatives. I loved having professors who were invested in our class, but also still in their field of study. The small student-to-faculty ratio made for dynamic conversations that were both engaging and educational, and I want to make sure current students are able to have these same opportunities inside the classroom."

Eliza Adler ’18

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"I give because Binghamton University isn’t just my school -- it’s my home away from home -- and I want to help our campus, our students and our school thrive. I’ve learned that so much of what makes Binghamton amazing is provided by thousands of generous donors (including students) working together to create a premier education."

Madison Blanchard ’18

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"I give because I believe in Binghamton. The University has had an impact on me that is immeasurable and can be attributed to alumni who have given back... Leaving a room in better condition than when you entered it is fundamental to the success of the University and the students who come after me. I'd like to be a part of their success."

Christina Ritter ’99

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"It is important for me to give back to the place that gave me so much. At Binghamton University, I not only received a college education, but I learned about myself, about others, and what I wanted to do going forward. Binghamton shaped me as a leader and brought out the best in me. I was given opportunities to get involved and pursue leadership roles that I never thought would appeal to me or where I thought I would be successful. I love being an ambassador for all the wonderful things happening on campus!"

Douglas Camin ’05

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"It’s important to give back to the University that really gave a lot to me. For me, I have the ability to give back as a great connector, facilitator and donor. I love being able to contribute that to the University."

Michael Timmeny ’73

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"Binghamton and the education I received there clearly helped me in my career. It was important for me as an alumnus who had done well to support current students."

Carolyn Bernardo is the alumni engagement social media coordinator at Binghamton University. As a Binghamton native, she is passionate about the area and about the University. 

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