12 Ways You Can Give Back for Binghamton’s Global Day of Service

Posted by Carolyn Bernardo on April 20, 2018

Every April, the Binghamton University community comes together to give back to those in need on our annual Global Day of Service. Students, alumni, faculty and staff take time out of their daily schedules to focus on making others' lives a little easier. Projects being undertaken this year range from feeding the hungry to impacting the lives of children with cancer. Want to get involved? Scroll down to see the projects happening near you! This year's Global Day of Service takes place during the weekend of April 27-29 in various cities around the globe.

Prep a beautiful space for children with cancer in Suffolk

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Prepare Sunrise Day Camp before children arrive. Grab a rake, sandpaper or a paint brush and help us beautify this meaningful space.

Feed the city in Washington, D.C.

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Alumni and staff will work together as they cut, chop, peel and prepare food at D.C’s Central Kitchen. At the end of the morning’s work, the organization will provide all of our volunteers with lunch.

Make a four-legged friend in Binghamton

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Alumni will gather at the Broome County Humane Society as we help with their spring cleanup! We’re doing yard work, cleaning and organizing!

Celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree on campus

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We're planting a variety of specially selected species of trees across Binghamton’s campus. Volunteers will meet at the Peace Quad for a quick briefing, head to their tree site and get planting!

Clean up the zoo in Binghamton

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(Photo from Ross Park Zoo Instagram)

Spruce up the Ross Park Zoo for the upcoming season by painting pavilions, mulching play areas and helping with general beautification...and see a monkey or two

Improve local neighborhoods in Binghamton

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(Photo from Vines Facebook Page)

Develop the urban farm by digging pathways to raise garden beds, participating in farm cleanup and spreading compost on the beds. 

Spend the day crafting with seniors in Manhattan

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You’ll make the seniors at the Lott Residence's day when you “go fishing” with us. We’re decorating all the “fish” (coloring books, paper plates, etc.) you could possibly imagine. Experience needed? A great imagination and a light heart! 

Serve a hot meal to the hungry in Chicago

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(Photo from Cornerstone Community Outreach Facebook)

Join alumni volunteering with Cornerstone Community Outreach as they prepare and serve a meal for the local neighborhood.

Make the world a greener place in Providence

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(Photo from Providence Parks Website)

Volunteers can join one of three community groups and participate by cleaning up a park, planting trees or beautifying a neighborhood. Volunteers who show their "Spring Cleaning" buttons will receive free admission to venues in Roger Williams Park, discounts and free stuff at select local businesses.

Play games with autistic children in South Florida

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(Photo from Autism Speaks Facebook Page)

You'll make a difference in the lives of many when you join with the JARC and spend time, play games and serve refreshments to these amazing children.

Make magic for children with cancer in Baltimore

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Help us make soft yarn princess-style wigs for children with cancer in the styles of Rapunzel, Ariel and Elsa. No knowledge of crocheting is necessary. Last year, wigs were delivered locally to two cancer centers in the Baltimore area.

Create care packages for families in Philadelphia

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(Photo from The Village Facebook Page)

Alumni will collect care packages from local donors for children and families in need. Volunteers will then package each with homemade cards for the recipients.

Looking for more sites near you to volunteer? Click here! If you've already volunteered and would like it to count towards Global Day of Service, contact Alicia Hibbard at ahibbard@binghamton.edu.

Carolyn Bernardo is the advancement communications manager at Binghamton University. As a Binghamton native, she is passionate about the area and about the University. Have questions, comments or concerns about the blog? Email us at social@binghamton.edu.