7 Things Binghamton University Students Need To Do Before Commencement

Posted by Jackie Eizak on May 11, 2018

With Commencement just around the corner, there are, inevitably, some items on every senior’s checklist that need to get done. We've worked so hard to get here and now we're in the final stretch! Coming to terms with graduating and leaving Binghamton is hard (I didn’t NOT cry after my last undergraduate class this past week), but making sure you have everything done means you can focus on making the most of your time left here! Also, If you do everything last minute like me, these tips might serve as helpful reminders for you before Commencement.

1. Claim your tickets

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All the info you need for claiming your tickets is here. If you need more than the allotted amount of tickets for your ceremony, you can request extra tickets from now until May 18 . You know, in case your grandma’s cousin’s niece wants to come. Have friends or family who can’t make it? They can watch via livestream.

2. Pick up a Class of 2018 yearbook

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Online sales are closed, but there are still some yearbooks available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Stop by UUW-205 with $80 (cash or check) and pick one up while you still can! Follow the Binghamton Yearbook Facebook and Instagram for more updates. 

3. Order and pick up your cap and gown from the Bookstore

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It’s too late to order your cap and gown online, but if you haven’t gotten them yet, you can pick them up from the Bookstore. Cap and gown pickup for online orders began at the Bookstore on May 7 and go until graduation. But make sure to pick them up ASAP so you and your friends can get pictures in them around campus!

4. Decorate your cap

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Not gonna lie -- this one has been a big source of stress for me ever since I realized I had to do it (which was only a week ago, but still). We didn’t do this at my high school, so if this is your first time decorating a cap, you’re not alone. (Did I mention I’m also terrible at crafting?) If bribing your artsy friends to make your cap for you doesn’t work, no fear! I’d recommend checking out Pinterest for some ideas and scouring craft store sites for discounts on supplies. And don't miss the President's Champagne Sendoff, which will feature cap decorating. I mean we’re graduating college, after all; we can decorate a cap, right? Maybe?

5. Decide where you're making your parents take you out to dinner, and make a reservation

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Apparently, people make reservations for graduation dinner months in advance? I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow, but okay. Classic spots like Lost Dog Cafe and The Number 5 book up fast, but there really are a large range of options on where to eat in Binghamton and the nearby area. If you want more options, consider a graduation lunch or brunch!

6. Pop bottles with Harvey Stenger at the President’s Champagne Sendoff

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Sponsored by the Binghamton University Alumni Association, Campus Activities and the Office of the President, this will be a day of fun celebration with your fellow grads! Get professional photos taken for free at the berm, enjoy food from local restaurants and a champagne toast with President Harvey Stenger. Get your tickets for $10 by Sunday, May 13, and RSVP for the Facebook event. The first 500 people to check in will receive a commemorative Binghamton University champagne glass.

7. Lastly, spend all the time you can with your friends!

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You’ll never get these days back. So next time your friend asks if you wanna go on a late night Wegmans adventure, wake up early to watch the sunrise or go on a Sugar Lips ice cream run, say yes!

Jackie is a senior English major who will be starting her career as an assistant teacher in the fall of next year. Her hobbies include eating an unadvisable amount of mozzarella sticks with her housemates and trying not to cry about her inevitable graduation (she may or may not have cried while writing this post).

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