11 Apps Every College Student Needs to Have (Binghamton Edition)

Posted by Kim Washington on February 20, 2019

Since we’re college students in the technological age, why not use that to our advantage? In this day and age, there seems to be an app for practically everything. Forgot your money but want a Frappuccino? Download the Starbucks app. Want to go to the movies but want to buy your tickets in advance? Download the AMC app. Like I said, an app for everything! Here’s a few more that will help on your daily quest.

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Binghamton bMobi

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Are you new to Binghamton, or even an upperclassman, and want to know more about the University? bMobi has tons of features for any student -- a campus map, a directory and campus services.

During my freshman year, I would use this app to find my way around campus and to check on the status of laundry machines in my building. With it being the official app of Binghamton University, it’s the perfect guide to everything about this school.

ETA Spot

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Avoid being late to class with the SPOT app! Track the bus all the way to your stop.

The SPOT app has benefited a lot of students that live off campus, like me, by providing us with the location and estimated time of arrival of any blue bus. It works if you’re on campus, too!

Google Calendar

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Stay organized with due dates and upcoming events, right in the palm of your hand.

Google Calendar’s color-coding option has helped me to be better organized for class assignments, events, as well as keep up with my weekly tasks. I even synced my calendar to my phone, providing endless reminders for myself!


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Want quick and easy access to your syllabus without the hassle of going online? Simply unlock your phone and sign into Blackboard via the app!

I'm the type of student that constantly checks their syllabi to check up on due dates and formatting for assignments, and the Blackboard (a.k.a MyCourses) app allows me to do that a dozen times a day!

Social Bicycles

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Want to ride a Binghamton University Gotcha Bike? Just download the Social Bicycles app to join, see what's available and reserve a bike. Bikes may be reserved at no charge for two hours and for $5 an hour after the two-hour time period.



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Are you part of an organization? Have a group project coming up? Make sure you’ve got GroupMe downloaded so you don’t miss out on anything.

GroupMe is the easiest way to have group conversations with people around campus. If you’re an iPhone user, you know the frustrations of being in a group chat with non-users and having the messages go green. Avoid that with GroupMe and add as many people as you want!


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Need to pay a friend back for dinner or for your share of a taxi fare? Send money instantly from Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle!  

For someone who doesn’t carry around cash, these apps have become a lifesaver. They offer a simple and safe way to pay for an event that’s happening or simply to pay back your friends who do carry around cash.


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Binghamton University partnered with Whoosh! for a pay-by-phone metered parking option on campus. To park using Whoosh, download the app, enter your credit card information and type in your metered parking area. Whoosh! allows you to add more time to your metered space right from your phone if needed. The City of Binghamton also uses Whoosh! at their metered parking areas, so it's incredibly useful on and off campus!



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Spent too much time shopping at Walmart and missed the bus because you didn’t have the SPOT app? Let Uber/Lyft be your backup!

Uber arrived in Binghamton a year ago and it has become my most-opened app. Just tap to request a ride and watch the app track your driver to your precise location.


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We’re broke college students! Stop giving away your money, and start budgeting and managing it better.

For anyone who’s like me and spends money like it grows on trees, Mint tracks your spending, creates budgets you can stick to and keeps track of any bills you have. This app has helped me budget better and given me a better idea of what I spend all of my money on -- food and Ubers.

DoubleMap Bus Tracker

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Take a lot of BC Transit buses? Then you need the DoubleMap app! BC Transit buses are equipped with real-time bus tracking devices that show you when and where they will be at any location through the day, and you can track them via DoubleMap!

All of these apps can be found in the App Store or the Google Play Store, right on your phone!

Kim Washington is an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations and an undergraduate student in the BA English Literature and Creative Writing Program. She loves writing and reading, dancing, cooking and watching movies. 

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