7 Resources to Help You Make the Most of the Semester at Binghamton

Posted by Cali Scahill on February 1, 2019

Although the semester just started, it's never too early to start planning ahead for upcoming homework, tests and responsibilities. While you may not be drowning in work just yet, it can be helpful to know where to go when you need some extra assistance. Here are some on-campus resources that are available to help you ace this semester.

University Tutorial Services

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University Tutorial Services (UTS) offers free tutoring to all students for up to three courses, with a maximum of two hour-long sessions per course each week. This service allows you to go over certain questions and concepts more in depth for several courses, which can help improve your critical thinking skills. In addition, Binghamton also offers online tutoring, which is part of the STAR-NY Online Tutoring system shared with 23 other SUNY schools. Online tutoring is offered for students enrolled in accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, math, nursing, physics, psychology and writing classes. Students can also participate in ESL tutoring, which caters to those who are non-native or multilingual. So many of my friends have benefitted from tutoring, and if you feel like you’ve mastered a class you could even become a tutor yourself!

The Writing Center

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The Writing Center aims to help all students become better writers. The tutors here can help you with several aspects of college writing, from essays to lab reports to citing sources and much more. The center can help you improve your writing style, choose a paper topic, focus on a thesis, select proper sources and address other concerns with your writing assignments. Whether you want another set of eyes to read over your paper, or you just need help getting started on an assigment, this resource is there for all of your wriitng needs.

The Speaking Center

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The Speaking Center offers public speaking and oral presentation assistance and critique to all students. Its peer consultants offer many services to aid your presentations. This can include constructive feedback, a digital recording of your presentation, help with visual aids, advice in controlling public speaking anxiety, and other tips. The PSL is a great place to practice your speeches in front of others while receiving helpful observations that can improve your speaking skills. This resource has you covered when it comes to public speaking, from guidance with the structure of a presentation to the way you deliver it. 

Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development

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The Fleishman Center aims to help students achieve their career goals.The center hosts several events to help students make relevant connections and give them more opportunities for career success, including job and internship fairs, workshops, and alumni and employer events. The Fleishman Center provides a variety of services to support students through professional development, such as career consulting, resume and cover letter review, mock interviews and more. Fleishman has been my go-to place when I've needed assistance with anything career-related. I’ve perfected my resume, tweaked my cover letter for certain positions and found great resources for internships here. If you need help finding or applying for a job, or you’re not sure what career you’d like to pursue, this is the place to go. Fleishman Center staff are there to help you explore career paths, gain experience and learn valuable skills in the workplace.

Harpur Academic Advising

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Harpur Academic Advising helps students choose their courses, plan their schedules, explore majors and minors and create a degree path. Advisors are there to support and guide students’ academic paths while helping them reach their individual needs and objectives. Whether you need course recommendations for certain requirements, or want to schedule out your entire academic career, advisors are there to help. I’ve been to advising plenty of times, whether I was unsure about what classes I should take or my schedule overall. I definitely recommend preparing questions ahead of time to get the most out of your appointment.  

Center for Civic Engagement

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The Center for Civic Engagement creates relationships between students and the community to help develop engaged citizens. The CCE connects students with sites where they can do community service and get more involved in the local area. If you want to gain more volunteer experience, or just want to have more impact on the local area, the CCE can provide a lot of helpful and enriching opportunities.

Information Technology Services

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ITS offers support and technology expertise for all of your tech needs. It not only provides and manages the public computers on campus, the equipment in classrooms, Binghamton email accounts, myCourses, and other resources, but it also offers specialized service at the Help Desk. Here staff can help you with any tech concerns you may have. When I’ve had problems connecting to wifi, or just didn’t know what was up with my laptop, ITS has been a convenient and helpful resource.

Cali Scahill is an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations and an undergraduate student in the BA English Literature and Rhetoric Program. She loves reading, writing and watching movies. 

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