7 Things To Do On Binghamton University’s Campus Over The Summer

Posted by Murphy Fauci on June 24, 2019

As a local student who spends all of her summers here in Binghamton, I'm constantly on campus, and I've always got something to do. The best part is that there are loads (and I mean LOADS) of parking spaces. From disc golf to hiking, here are seven things to do on campus over the summer!

1. Take advantage of the Campus Rec Center

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Located in the East Gym, this recreational center comes equipped with basketball courts, a swimming pool and a gym. If you're a member of the local community, I'd highly recommend purchasing a membership here. You're almost guaranteed an empty gym, so there's no waiting in line for machines!

2. Enjoy the Greenhouse

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Head to our Greenhouse, located in the science complex. Take a trip to this beautiful facility -- open from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday -- and check out the four different biomes they have to offer!

3. Play some disc golf

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Grab some friends and play a round of 18, but with a twist! Are you aware that Binghamton University has a disc golf course? It's great! The first tee box is located in the wooded area just south of the Recreation Center. You can rent some discs or you can bring your own. The other holes are located in various spots around campus, so you might find yourself in places around campus you've never explored before!

4. Walk in the Nature Preserve

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How could you not take a hike in our famous 182-acre preserve? There are 14 different trails to tackle, so get some fresh air and become one with nature! The Nature Preserve is located behind the Mountainview Community, and in terms of parking, there are meters next to entrance. 

5. Cast your best Patronus with 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite'

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As a total Potterhead, I am so excited for this game. Similar to Pokemon Go, this brand new mobile app let's you choose your house, your wand and codename. You cast spells, collect what they call "foundables" and become a master against the Dark Arts. Campus is an awesome place to test this game out and explore this new wizarding world! 

6. Serve up some aces on our tennis courts

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We have tennis courts behind the East Gym available for anyone to use, so grab a bucket of balls and start swinging!

7. Walk along the Brain

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If you've ever seen the campus map, you've noticed the main road that surrounds inner-campus is shaped just like a brain! Just one loop around is a distance of 1.3 miles! It's a fun way to get your steps in and see more of the University!

You can purchase a summer parking pass for $43 which allows you to park in any surface lot.  These can be purchased online, at the Information Booth or at the Parking Office. You can also download the Whoosh! app.

Murphy is a student assistant in the Office of Media and Public Relations and an undergraduate student in the BA English program. She loves dogs, Marvel movies, the Yankees and Harry Styles. Oh and Binghamton University, of course. 

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