7 Binghamton Students Getting The Most Out of Summer

Posted by Daiki Yoshioka on July 3, 2019

Even during the summer, our Bearcats keep themselves busy with a variety of activities, from studying abroad to interning at innovative companies. Meet seven Binghamton students and learn what cool stuff they're doing over summer break!

Megan Allen ‘22, Nursing

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Megan spent a little while in Binghamton working as a lifeguard at a local beach, before leaving the U.S. to study abroad in Scotland for a month. 

“I am taking six credits and two courses called ‘Religion and Conflict’ and ‘Photographing the City.’ The course is June 8 - July 9!”

Lexi Murman ‘20 Political Science/Theatre

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Lexi is studying abroad in Florence, Italy. 

“I can already tell that studying abroad is allowing me to grow into a more independent, confident and open-minded person. I have already learned a lot about myself and a whole different history, culture, and language, and I haven’t been in Florence for two weeks yet!” 

Rajat Gupta ‘19 Computer Science

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Rajat is a master’s student who is working on his first remote internship in web developing while working on campus. 

“I’m pumped. I would actually get to work on a real e-commerce site. Help the company design it. Make my mark on it. That what’s what excites me the most about my internship."

Alyanna Gallo ‘20 Biological Anthropology

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Alyanna is interning at the Corporate Business Services Department of Yale New Haven Health in Connecticut, which improves the patient experience at Yale New Haven Health Hospitals. 

“I’m most excited to be able to see the difference we’re making for patients in the Yale New Haven Health System (YNHH) hospitals. I’ll get to work with the project manager, so we’ll be able to see the progress that the whole department is making. I decided to intern at YNHH because I wanted to be able to spend time with my family this summer. The past two summers I worked away from home.”

Vishrut Shenoy ‘20 Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Vishrut is a master’s student interning at Brash, a startup in the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator.

“I am a project research assistant and am going to work on a project related to a boiler which helps homeowners to generate power from the heating system. I am excited as it is related to my favorite field, which is renewable energy; and it is also related to my specialization, power and energy electrical engineering.”

Shiraz Otani ‘20 Political Science

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Shiraz is interning for Israel Policy Forum, an NPO “that works with various communal and international leaders to find a viable two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through various educational initiatives focusing on policy ideas.”

“I am most excited to be able to contribute to a solution to a conflict that has been a central part of my life and my college career.”

Yeheng Liang ‘21 Actuarial Science, Economic Analysis

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Liang is studying for the Financial Mathematics exam, which he needs to join the Society of Actuaries

“I am a junior in fall 2019. And my possible career goal is to become an actuary with emphasis on economic analysis and risk management.” He is currently based in New York City and is planning to go on a one-day trip to take a break from studying.

Daiki is an international student from Japan studying comparative literature and philosophy. He is interning with the Binghamton University Office of Media and Public Relations. During his free time, he likes painting and thinking about food. 

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