How Binghamton University Has Improved Over The Summer

Posted by Murphy Fauci on August 14, 2019

The new semester is right around the corner and soon we’ll have all the Bearcats back on home turf. But while students were gone, we were busy all summer long making plenty of changes and improvements throughout campus! Here are some things that may look a little different once you return to Binghamton University!

The MarketPlace got new flooring and additional seating

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As you head in for your Tully’s tenders or Chick-N-Bap, you'll see that there is new flooring in the lounge and additional seating near Gardentoss!

Sidewalks were installed by the front entrance

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As soon as you pull into Binghamton University, you’ll notice the brand-new sidewalks being put in. These sidewalks, installed by the Department of Transportation, are to help students navigate safely along the Vestal Parkway. 

Science 2 got some TLC

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In the science complex on campus, the Science 2 building got a little TLC. There's a new exterior look for Science 2, along with new windows for the tower. The interior is getting some major updates as well, including a renovation of the physics wing.

The Union is getting a makeover

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You may have heard that the University Union was getting a makeover, and you heard correctly! The new Union is underway and will have a completely updated look including new furniture, floors, and lighting! There is a new and improved area for students to pick up and unpack their packages, along with new mailboxes and other upgrades to flooring, ceilings, lighting etc. And the other phase focusing on student entertainment/activity areas is just getting underway!

The ITC spruced up outside

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The Innovative Technologies Complex got some outdoor patios, as well as new plantings all around the complex. There is another project underway outside the Engineering and Science Building rotunda that will improve that outdoor space and make it more inviting. I can’t wait to study in this building again -- who knew it could get even more beautiful.

Hapur's Ferry raised the roof (literally)

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You heard it right -- Harpur’s Ferry had their roof raised. The Harpur’s Ferry teams have some larger equipment that needed some extra space so this addition was a huge help!

Watson is getting a facelift

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When you get back on campus, there’s definitely going to be a slight change from the Engineering Building you once knew. They are working on a new exterior (no, it's not what you see in the picture), new windows and major renovations inside. The work won’t be completely finished until 2020, but there are already some major noticable changes.

The health complex in JC is taking shape

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There’s been some major construction taking place in downtown Johnson City! The new Health Sciences Campus is coming along beautifully, especially the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences. This campus is going to be awesome. 

We did some paving

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You'll notice some smoother roads as you enter campus this year, since we’ve been laying some groundwork. There will be freshly paved areas by the Events Ccenter, lots M4 and M3, the drive to Clearview Hall as well as the drive to lot E1. 

Hinman is getting a major upgrade

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This project won't be finished until fall 2020, but it's a major change. Workers are totally gutting everything inside, plus they're adding a whole THIRD FLOOR! It will be quite a bit of construction but totally worth it in the end.  

Murphy is a student assistant in the Office of Media and Public Relations and an undergraduate student in the BA English program. She loves dogs, MARVEL, the Yankees and One Direction. Oh and Binghamton University, of course. 

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