7 Ways To Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

Posted by Sophia Cavalluzzi on February 14, 2020

It's National Random Acts of Kindness Week! To celebrate, I went around campus and found seven kind things to do for others. I had a lot of fun and it inspired me to try and do more of these things on a regular basis. I loved seeing how happy everyone was -- it doesn't take a lot to turn someone's day around! Make it your mission to do one random act of kindness for someone around you every day. Keep reading to see some of the things I did!

Make a care package for a friend

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One of my favorite things to do is create little gift packages for people. One of my close friends, Wyonna, was sick this week and was having a tough time, so I picked up a couple of her favorite candies, a chapstick and some gum. I packed it all in a gift bag and surprised her with it to cheer her up! Thanks to the Binghamton Bookstore for helping me out!

Pay it forward

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If there is anyone who knows the importance of being caffeinated, it’s me. I also know how expensive it gets to buy yourself a coffee every day. So, I decided to treat a person behind me in line to a drink of their choice. Thanks to Binghamton University Dining Services for making this possible!

Leave encouraging notes in a public space

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Sometimes, the smallest thing can make your day. I often find that all I need to get myself out of a funk is to hear some encouraging words. I chose one of the public restrooms in the University Union, and stuck some sticky notes with words of kindness on the mirror. 

Surprise your class

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This semester, I have my Literature and the English Civil War class from 5:50-7:15. While I genuinely enjoy the class, sometimes evening classes can be a little hard to push through. To help us all stay motivated, I surprised everyone at the beginning of class with cookies! It was really nice seeing how excited everyone got. Thanks to Professor Walkling for letting me treat everyone!

Donate to the food pantry

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Giving back to the community is always an act of kindness that makes me feel really great. We have a food pantry on campus that I brought some donations to. They’re always in need of certain items - many of which I had plenty extra of in my own pantry or around my apartment. This is a super easy way to spread kindness!

Help someone else treat themselves

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Going through class with a grumbling stomach is something I’ve experienced one too many times. To help someone going through the same thing, I taped quarters to the vending machine in the lecture hall so someone grab a granola bar or a bag of chips!

Thank your favorite campus employee

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All of us have our personal favorite employee on campus. Someone who always makes my day brighter is William at Starbucks. I love chatting with him, and visiting Starbucks never feels right when he isn’t working. I brought him a thank-you card to make sure he knows how grateful I am for him!

Sophia Cavalluzzi is a junior majoring in English Rhetoric and an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations. She loves to write, watch YouTube and plan fancy vacations that she will not be taking anytime soon. 

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