Binghamton University Programs Rise in U.S. News & World Report Graduate School Rankings

Posted by Jacob Wilkins on March 26, 2020

Every year, U.S. News & World Report ranks graduate programs throughout the country, including those at Binghamton University. In this year’s rankings, the University saw dramatic year-to-year rises in some of its nationally-acclaimed programs. This included gains in Clinical Psychology, across-the-board in our engineering programs, as well as in the Decker School of Nursing. Fourteen programs in total were ranked in the top 100, with eight of those in the top 75! What makes our programs stand out? Take a look and see.

Clinical Psychology

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The Clinical Psychology program offers a PhD that aims to create sensitive and caring psychologists who are prepared to provide new knowledge and insight to the complex questions about the assessment and treatment of mental-health needs. Students from the program have gone on to complete residencies, internships and dissertation research.

The program continues to thrive, having risen 13 spots to #37 in the country.


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The Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science offers master’s and PhD programs in a variety of fields such as biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, systems science and industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering. The school also offers a 4 + 1 accelerated program and a 3 + 2 international partnership program for those who want to advance their education.

Our graduates are eagerly sought by high-technology businesses, financial firms, research labs, universities and management firms such as Amazon, Corning, Ford, Google, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin and more. 

The Engineering program as a whole moved up one spot to #94. Biomedical Engineering moved up five spots from #69 to #64; Computer Engineering moved up 17 spots from #98 to #81; Electrical Engineering moved up 10 spots from #107 to #97; Systems Science and Industrial Engineering is currently ranked #41; Computer Science is currently ranked #111; and Mechanical Engineering is at #105.


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The Decker School of Nursing offers master’s, PhD, certificate and doctor of nursing programs. These are exciting times for the school, part of the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, as it relocates to Binghamton University’s Health Sciences Campus in Johnson City in 2021. There are also advanced certificate programs available in disaster management, forensic health and nursing education. Program graduates have gone on to work at Mount Sinai Hospital, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Albany Medical Center and many others.

The Nursing program is ranked #103 and the Doctor of Nursing Practice program is ranked #114.

Political Science

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The Department of Political Science offers master’s and PhD programs that provide graduates with advanced training suitable for policy analysis, journalism or other professional careers. Students can specialize in international relations and foreign policy, human rights, political parties, campaigns and campaign finance, and religion and politics. Graduates have gone on to work in tax policy analysis, human rights research and journalism, as well as to teach at prestigious institutions around the country. 

The program is ranked #51.

Public Affairs

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The Public Administration program offers a master's degree in public administration, dual degrees and advanced certificate programs. Students can also receive certifications in Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention, Local Government Management, and Non-Profit Administration. Students are attractive hires for positions that allow them to make positive change. They are also well-prepared to compete for openings that require management and financial analysis experience. 

The program is ranked #72.


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The Department of History offers master’s and PhD programs in fields such as American, European, East Asian, Latin American and Ottoman history, and is currently home to the Journal of Women's History, the first journal to be exclusively dedicated to the international field of women’s history. The department also produces its own Binghamton Journal of History, highlighting premier undergraduate and graduate work by Binghamton University students. Students also have the opportunity to produce original research, write a dissertation and participate in specialized training.

The history program is ranked #69. 

Social Work

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The Department of Social Work offers a master’s in social work, dual degrees and several internship and research opportunities. The MSW program helps students acquire a broad base of knowledge and skills to address the needs of families, individuals, groups, organizations and communities. It ranked second out of 21 social work programs in New York state for first-time pass rates on the American Association Social Work Board (ASWB) exam at the Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) level

The social work program is ranked #70.


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The Department of Economics offers master’s and PhD programs. Students may also enroll in finance courses in the School of Management, as well as in courses in public administration through the College of Community and Public Affairs. Faculty members are highly accessible and classes are small (typically five to 20 students), emphasizing student-faculty interaction. Graduates have gone on to work at companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

The economics program is ranked #72.


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The School of Management offers a master’s in business administration, accounting, and a PhD in management.  Over 80 percent of our recent MBA graduates received a full-time job offer within three months of graduation, and have gone on to work at places like American Express, Citi, Deloitte, Microsoft, and more.


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The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers master’s and PhD programs. It also collaborates with the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership to offer the MAT (master of arts in teaching) degree in mathematics adolescence education, the MSEd (master of science in education) degree in adolescence education in mathematics and an accelerated BA + MAT degree. The department boasts a dedicated and distinguished faculty whose main areas of research are algebra, number theory, analysis, combinatorics, dynamical systems, geometry/topology, graph theory, probability and statistics. Graduates have gone on to work at Amazon, Corning Incorporated, JP Morgan Chase, Janssen Research and Development, and others.

The mathematics program is ranked #86.


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The Sociology Department offers master’s and PhD programs where students can pursue critical studies of labor, migration and capitalism, prison reform and surveillance, and power and the politics of resistance. It also offers a fast-track BA + MA program for undergraduates who want to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in only five years. About two thirds of the program’s  PhDs over the past 10 years hold full-time academic positions in the U.S. and internationally.*** For some, doctoral research becomes a springboard for investing in social and research initiatives through non-profits or government agencies.

The sociology program is ranked #70.


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The English program offers master’s and PhD programs in a wide range of subjects including British and American literatures, critical theory, medieval studies, ethnic studies, creative writing and more. Many graduates have become professors, while others work in editing, publishing and media communications. 

The English program is ranked #91. 


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The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership offers master’s programs in different areas of education, along with many advanced certificate programs. Advanced certificates are available in Community Schools, Educational Leadership, Adolescence Special Education, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Graduates work in public and private schools; higher education; local, state and federal government; and as independent consultants and entrepreneurs. 

The education program is ranked #133.

Biological Sciences

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The Biological Sciences program offers master’s and PhD programs in biochemical, cell and molecular biology (BCMB) or ecology, evolution and behavior (EEB), along with certificate programs and an accelerated BA + MS degree. In the BCMB program,  students may conduct research on-site at biotechnology companies across the nation on a contract basis. Graduates are employed at life-science businesses and organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Kinsey Institute, as well as hold post-doctoral positions at prestigious higher-education institutions. 

The biological sciences program is ranked #175. 

Earth Science

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The graduate program in the Department of Geological Sciences offers master's and PhD programs in geological sciences. Students produce publishable work in environmental geosciences, sedimentology and surficial processes, and geochemistry and petrology. The program also regularly hosts field excursions and seminars held by noted geologists. Recent field trips include to Florida, Wyoming, Canada, Chile, East Africa, and Mexico. Many alumni work as geologists in federal agencies such as NASA, the Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. Geological Survey. 

The Geological Sciences program is ranked #68.

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