8 Fun Things You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

Posted by Laura Guerrero-Almeida on April 2, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to feel overwhelmed while social distancing. In my case, my time at home now feels dull and I am longing to go about my regular shenanigans. Fortunately, there are ways to engage in fun events while still helping to flatten the curve. Here is a list of activities you can do from home.

Watch animals

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While zoos are now closed to the public, employees have found creative ways to give the public their dose of wildlife content. If you want to watch piranhas swimming about or pandas munching on bamboo, the San Diego Zoo and Georgia Aquarium have live cams streaming throughout the day.

Take a trip to Broadway

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Does spending an afternoon watching The King and I or Kinky Boots sound like your type of thing? Then, rejoice! BroadwayHD is offering a 7-day trial. Head there to watch new and classic musicals.

On that same live-entertainment train, The Metropolitan Opera is streaming different shows each night.

Throw a movie night

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If you were looking forward to going to the movie theaters for spring releases, fret not. Some studios have opted to release their new films online, like Onward, The Invisible Man and Emma. It could be an excellent opportunity to huddle up with your roommates or family while quietly enjoying each other's company.

Host a Netflix Party

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If you miss watching shows with your favorite group of people, try Netflix Party. This Chrome browser extension lets large numbers of people virtually watch Netflix in sync. 

Explore museums

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In these sluggish times, museums can provide inspiration and a change of perspective. Though you may not be able to visit them physically, museums around the world are now offering virtual tours.

Check out the following: MoMa (New York), Musée d’Orsay (Paris), Museo Frida Kahlo (Mexico City), Tate Britain (London).

Have a Houseparty

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— Not literally! Though the Houseparty app makes video chatting festive. I have been using it to video call a large party of people at the time. Also, it is easy to use and accessible. If you miss gathering with your Bearcat family or with your extended family, give this app a try!

Learn a new craft

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If you have ever been interested in knitting or in the art of soap making, for example, now is the time to immerse yourself in new crafts. Here is a list of crafty activities you can do with others or by yourself.

Do the things you have been putting off

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Have you been avoiding the following?

  • Upgrading your music playlists
  • Unsubscribing from mailing lists
  • Organizing your computer’s documents
  • Redecorating your room
  • Deleting pictures on your phone

The list can go on for days. With your newly acquired spare time, why not just do it? It could even be fun.

Laura Guerrero-Almeida is an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations and an undergraduate student in the English Literature and Creative Writing Program, and cinema. She loves photography, writing and Netflix. 

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