9 Tips for Online Success from Binghamton University Students

Posted by Sophia Cavalluzzi on April 22, 2020

Online classes are not something many of us are used to. Without the structure of daily classes, seeing your professors or walking to Bartle to study, it can be hard to stay motivated. I reached out to some peers to see what they were doing to adjust and do well in school. One thing I personally do is make sure my planner is completely updated. When we switched to virtual learning, I crossed out any old due dates and updated them. I also started color-coding in a new color to make the changes clear. For more tips, check out some of what my fellow students said!

Murphy Fauci

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“The one thing that’s been keeping me organized is the use of sticky notes! Any time I get a new assignment or project I just immediately create a new sticky note and post it right in my workspace. Plus, my sticky notes are color-coordinated for each of my classes so it’s an easy and fun way of keeping track of my schoolwork, since I’m usually always working in one spot at my desk!” 

Cali Scahill

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"Finding a quiet, secluded area with a desk to study definitely helps me be more productive. Although it’s tempting to do work in your bed or on the couch, I find that I get too distracted, and comfy, to get anything done." 

Tavish Srivastava

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“Before I do my work, I always make sure to clean my room. If my space is super-disorganized, I get easily distracted. I’ll do work for an hour and then take a break to unwind with something I enjoy, like playing video games.”

Sofia Scarpati

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“Keeping track of the days during all of this is nearly impossible, so I always make sure to write out a list of what I have to do the next day before I go to bed. I even make sure to add the little things, like ‘add lemons to grocery list!’” 

Jaci Fastenau

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“I wake up at the same time every day and look over my planner while I eat breakfast. I also eat lunch and dinner at the same time every day to help keep myself on track.”

John Fragale

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“Making clear and concise schedules detailing the workload of the coming days ahead helps me to not lose track of time and to be organized. This also enables me to stay on top of my work and combat any overwhelming feelings. Designating time for work and time to relax allows me to more truly hold myself accountable for completing my work at a reasonable time.” 

Emma Ross

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“Staying motivated has been difficult, as I am someone who likes to be busy and social, so I am working to keep myself on a normal schedule. I get up early Monday-Friday to exercise and cook breakfast before I start doing classwork. I block out time for my work as SA president and for my other job, which I do remotely, and then I spend the evening with my family and talking with friends over FaceTime or Zoom. Keeping myself busy as close to normal as I can has helped me stay sane and kept me on track with my academics and my other goals.”

Jamie Goerke

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“I’m staying motivated through online classes by utilizing Zoom to keep some normalcy in my life! Working out always makes me feel productive, so my friends and I have been doing workouts together on Zoom!” 

Khaleel James

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“Some of the things I am doing to stay motivated and organized during these trying times is sticking with my morning routine. I’ve been waking up at 5 a.m., then making my bed, stretching, meditating. This is followed by a morning workout, a skincare routine, a smoothie containing brain foods and my daily vitamins. By 8 a.m., I am reading my book for the week, and by 9 a.m. starting my homework. After 12 p.m. I’m free, other than classes and meetings.” 

Sophia Cavalluzzi is a junior majoring in English Rhetoric and an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations. She loves to write, watch YouTube and plan fancy vacations that she will not be taking anytime soon. 

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