What Binghamton Students Are Watching This Fall

Posted by Lauren Kidd on November 13, 2020

As the weather gets colder and the work piles up, students like to turn to their favorite movies and TV shows for comfort. I, personally, have started binge-watching "Gossip Girl" (shoutout to Binghamton alum Billy Baldwin) again. Whether you choose something new or pick up where you left off on an old favorite, everyone is watching something this fall. Here are some movies and TV shows that Binghamton students are binge-watching.

Rebecca Colao, Senior

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Stranger Things on Netflix

“If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, you haven’t lived yet. It’s all 80’s nostalgia. If you like films from the 80’s, there’s all different references and it’s really great. This show is like Steven Spielberg and Stephen King worked together, and created something beautiful. It starts out in this little town in Hawkins, Indiana -- your basic American town in the 1980’s. These little kids are playing Dungeons & Dragons and then one of the kids goes missing. They don’t know where he went, all these weird things start happening, and then this girl shows up and she can move things with her mind.”

Jenna-Marie Gaston, Junior

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Patriot Act on Netflix

“It has six volumes now and twenty episodes per volume. It informs you about different scenarios and systems that exist. The first one I watched was about taxes, and they went  through and explained the United States tax system. They talked about how the system is corrupt and could be done differently. I think this show is a good way to inform yourself.”

Akeile Smith, Sophomore

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The Vampire Diaries on Netflix

“My friends recommended it to me. There’s a lot of drama, people dying and coming back to life. And vampires, obviously. It’s a good show. Klaus is my favorite character.”

Kevin Castro-Gonzalez, Junior

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I Kill Giants on Hulu

“I’ve watched a lot of Hulu originals that are either suspenseful or horror-themed, but aside from these, one of my favorite movies was I Kill Giants. That made me cry. It’s about this little girl and she has a pretty active imagination. The whole thing is that she lost her father when she was younger, so she only has her older sister taking care of her and her sick, bed-ridden mother. In her head, she does all of these things because she’s protecting her family and her town from giants. It’s actually just her projecting her fears.”

Claire Park, First Year

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The Legend of Korra on Netflix

“Every now and then I’ll watch an episode or two. I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender first and I liked that show, so I wanted to watch The Legend of Korra because it’s a continuation of the storyline.”

Derek Fried, Junior

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Fate and Studio Ghibli on Netflix, Crunchyroll

“I started the Fate franchise, but that’s a lot of content. I would recommend Fate Zero. Anything that makes me cry I would recommend, honestly. I also started watching the Studio Ghibli classics like Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies. Akira, which is by one of the Studio Ghibli animators, is a masterpiece. I would 100% recommend it.”

Angela Chen, Junior

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Emily in Paris on Netflix

“I don’t watch too many things, but I did start Emily in Paris. It’s pretty fun to watch. It’s a Netflix original and it’s about this girl traveling abroad. I chose it because I want to study abroad, and I like that I can relate to the main character, Emily.”

Karen Vazquez, Senior

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MasterChef on Hulu

“My boyfriend and I are learning to cook. We watch the episodes and then we try to replicate the recipes. It usually doesn’t turn out well. We also make dinner and watch it as we eat. They say that every season gets harder, but it really just gets more exciting, because they have all this new stuff and the chefs are supposedly better. It’s entertaining when there’s some drama. At first you don’t know the contestants, but then as you watch you get attached to some of them, and you get sad when they leave.”

Lauren Kidd is an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations, and a senior majoring in creative writing and minoring in graphic design. She loves photography, writing and listening to music.

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