7 Ways to Practice Self-Care on Rejuvenation Day

Posted by Kaitlyn Hart on March 4, 2021

This semester has been hard on everyone, and while we don’t have our normal spring break, you should take this semester’s Rejuvenation Days to relax and recharge! Below are some of my favorite self-care tips that I’m definitely planning to do on my days off.

Binge a show

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While I’m personally going to take the day off and rewatch all of WandaVision in one sitting, there are tons of other shows you can either watch the full season or just a few episodes! Everyone that I know is watching shows like Bridgerton and New Girl. And of course, Netflix now has the cinematic masterpiece that is iCarly.

Treat yourself to a nice meal

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One of my favorite things to do on a self-care day is eat some delicious food. Many downtown Binghamton restaurants, like Thai Time, The Stone Fox, and The Lost Dog Cafe, are available for delivery on apps like UberEats and DoorDash.

Practice mindfulness techniques

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A self-care day is a great time to practice mindfulness techniques. Treating yourself is nice, but self-care is about so much more than that. There are a bunch of apps available that can help you with things like breathing techniques. Some of my favorites are Calm and Headspace.

Work out

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Taking care of your body is an amazing activity for a self-care day. With the weather getting warmer, the Nature Preserve is my favorite place to get some fresh air and go for a walk or run. But if that’s not your speed, the Brain is also a great place to take a walk or run, and there are mile markers along the way to track your progress. Yoga is also amazing and incredibly relaxing, and you don’t even need to leave your room to do it!

Start a new healthy habit

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A free day is a great time to start new habits, especially ones that can help you and your mental health in the long run. Things like journaling and hitting new step goals are great habits to start that can help you feel good in the moment and also in the long-term.

Pamper yourself

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My favorite thing to do on a self-care day is to just treat myself in little ways. Face masks are my favorite way to do this, whether it’s a sheet mask or a clay mask. Reading a book that you’ve been wanting to read for a while or lighting scented candles/using an essential oil diffusers are so relaxing and leave your living area smelling amazing.

Get in touch with friends

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Self-care doesn’t have to be an activity you take on by yourself! If you have roommates, try to do some of these activities with them, or video call a friend from home and catch up! The activities mentioned above are great to do with other people, and my friends and I love watching shows and movies together using apps like TeleParty and the Disney+ group watch feature!

For more info about the Rejuvenation Days, click here! And if you’re struggling, or you’re unsure where to get the help that you need, the University has resources available for all students, whether you’re on or off campus.

Kaitlyn Hart is an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations and a junior double-majoring in English Rhetoric and political science, with a minor in anthropology. She loves to write, watch movies and spend way too many hours of the day on TikTok.

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