8 Reasons To Attend LUMA Projection Arts Festival

Posted by Madeline Loiaconi on September 3, 2021

That’s right! LUMA is back with its sixth annual festival on the streets of downtown Binghamton. Following a long, festival-less year, Binghamton is ready to celebrate the community again. After attending the successful annual Binghamton Porchfest this past weekend, I have very high hopes for LUMA and cannot wait to experience its magic for the second time! Here are some reasons you should too.

LUMA is first year student-friendly!

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New to Binghamton? That’s perfectly fine! LUMA draws in an audience from throughout the country due to its breathtaking projection mapping artwork. I first attended LUMA as a first-year student at Binghamton University, when everything was still very new. Attending with unfamiliar people in an entirely new town was intimidating. But as the buildings before me illuminated into colorful graphics, I was truly immersed into another world. My new friends and I watched the artwork displayed before us, and we immediately knew this was our first of many adventures to come. Even now, as a junior here at Binghamton University, I still find myself referring to different downtown buildings as “the rocketship” or “the pyramid” thanks to my first impression of them at LUMA. 

It’s safe

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For the first time, LUMA will have a max capacity, as well as timed sessions on September 11 and 12 to limit exposure. Additionally, LUMA strongly encourages all of its participants to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, as all unvaccinated attendees will be required to wear a mask. Make sure to reserve a free ticket on LUMA’s website before they are all gone!

It has to be experienced in person

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LUMA is animation in a way you have never seen before, as building shapes are incorporated to create illusions of movement before your eyes, enhanced with audio effects that make it all feel incredibly real. The buildings tell powerful stories of new beginnings, as they seemingly break apart and rebuild themselves anew. These exhibits will display the beauty of technologically advanced artwork. 

It will feature the world’s first AI projection mapping

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If projection mapping artwork alone was not enough to get you excited for this event, LUMA 2021 will feature an experiment that has never been attempted before. Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, Sila Sveta’s production, “Nevermore,” will entertain a conversation with the mind of the machine and its designers, transitioning from traditional mapping to this new advanced technology. 

It will feature an amusement park thrill

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LUMA fan favorite MAXIN10SITY is back with a thrilling production of “Cheerful Nightmares” that will bring an amusement park to life. After their past showing of “Pandora’s Box” that included several components of Greek mythology, I am looking forward to seeing their presentation of a classic country carnival tribute, with a twist. 

“Cosmognia” will answer your questions

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MINDSCAPE will provide LUMA 2021 with an existential piece on our existence within the universe. “Cosmognia,” located at 78 Exchange Street, visualizes our incomprehensible journey that awaits us, and will definitely leave you mind-blown. 

Fireflies will light up the night

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LIGHTHARVEST is another returning fan-favorite LUMA creator that utilizes projection artwork as a way to illustrate the process of discovering the truth. Built using the just-released Unreal 5 gaming engine and rendered in real time, their newest production, “Firefly,” will certainly be an artistic way to celebrate the end of summer. 

Students help make it happen

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Binghamton students from various different organizations come together to contribute to this event. From production setup to checking wristbands, student volunteers are extremely helpful towards the success of LUMA. Furthermore, the festival was even started by Binghamton’s very own Joshua Ludzki!



Come to LUMA to watch artwork as inspiring as the event itself, surrounded by people who made this festival possible.

Madeline Loiaconi is a junior at Binghamton Univseristy, majoring in English literature and creative writing and cinema. On campus, she is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Community Service Fraternity and a content creator on Binghamton's TikTok account. She loves listening to music, scrapbooking and animals. 

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