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Life After Bing

Adam Mcie ‘16, MS ‘17: Videographer/Photographer at FlyNYON

In our "Life After Bing" series, we bring you quick interviews with alumni who are leaders in their fields, trail-blazers. Find out how these alums got to be where they are now, and how Binghamton shaped their lives.

Our featured alumnus is Adam Mcie ’16, MS '17, videographer and photographer at FlyNYON, a professional aerial photography service accessible to everyone. After obtaining his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Binghamton in political science and education, respectively, he moved back to New York City, picked up a camera and started doing freelance videography for fun. This lead to his current career -- hanging out of helicopters and snapping unbelievable aerial shots of New York City. Check out his amazing photos on Instagram @adammcie.

1. When did you realize you wanted to go into this field?

I started doing videography a year ago and got this job with FlyNYON about five months ago. At first I started doing videography just by making videos of my friends for fun. I enjoyed it a lot, but it was just a hobby. Then the summer after my first semester in graduate school, I began to do freelance video, and it turned into a full vocation. I ended up getting the job at FlyNYON by just applying. I built my portfolio, saw the opening, went in for an interview, and I took the job on the spot, no hesitations. I started a few weeks after that. I travel a lot working this job and the company just added four more cities over the last year, and now we travel all around.

2. What was the most impactful class you took at Binghamton University?

Professor Signorotti taught a writing class that I really liked. I took a debate class, too; I really liked that. I ended up TA'ing that class and that’s what got me into education. Those are the only two classes that I really remember, that really stand out. I do use my degree a bit to teach our customers how to use the camera, set the cameras. And we’re working in a relatively high-stress or hostile environment in the helicopter, so in that respect I use my degrees a lot.

3. Who would you say had the greatest influence on your career - teacher, colleague, boss, family member - and what did you learn from that person?

My mom is actually in sort of the same industry as I am. She’s a photo editor at a newspaper and she’s been taking pictures of me my whole life, which I always thought was annoying. But the first time I picked up a camera, I got it. She has helped me develop my eye; she helps me out a lot with freelance jobs and such.

4. What is the biggest piece of advice you have for a student interested in this field?

Just do as many different things as possible. Try different things to find what you like in life. Before I found this field, I had gone through hundreds of hobbies that ended up not working out. I picked up a camera on a whim. Really, it’s all about diversifying your portfolio, creating new things, networking. But in this industry, if your work is good, people will find you…Oh, and social media is huge! As silly as it sounds, posting photos on Instagram is probably what got me my job. After I applied, they looked me up, and they said the stuff I posted on Instagram really impressed them.

5. Are there mistakes you’ve made during your career, and if so, what lessons have you learned from them?

I've only been doing videography for a year, and this job for five months. But in some jobs I have had, I’ve taken on too many jobs at once where I’ve missed a deadline here and there, but you learn from it. You grow quickly at the beginning and you learn how to budget your time.

Carolyn Bernardo is the advancement communications manager at Binghamton University. As a Binghamton native, she is passionate about the area and about the University. Have questions, comments or concerns about the blog? Email us at social@binghamton.edu.