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Life After Bing

Jacki Jing ‘08: Host/Producer for IGN Entertainment

In our "Life After Bing" series, we bring you quick interviews with alumni who are leaders in their fields, trail-blazers. Find out how these alums got to be where they are now, and how Binghamton shaped their lives.

Alumna Jacki Jing '08 is on the move! From anchor at WGNO in New Orleans to host and producer at IGN Entertainment, Jacki is building her resume and even interviewing stars like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. But before she sat down with our favorite heroes, she walked across campus for classes -- just like you! Read her quick interview and learn more about this impressive host, then check out a couple of her star-studded chats!

1. Tell us a little about yourself, what you majored in at Binghamton and what you currently do now.

I double majored in English and political science. I played on the volleyball team and was actually inducted into the Hall of Fame a couple years ago! I am currently a host/producer for an entertainment/video game company called IGN.

2. When did you realize you wanted to go into this field?

I knew I wanted to be a journalist in 7th grade. One of my homework assignments required us to pick out an “occupation” and I thought journalist! I loved writing and stories. The rest is history!

3. Do you feel like Binghamton University prepared you for what you’re doing now?

Totally. I loved all my classes and they made me the person I am today!

4. What was the most impactful class you took at Binghamton University?

Anything with Mary Haupt. We don’t really have a journalism major, but she had created a program for people who were interested; and I learned so much about my voice as a writer and improved my skills!

5. What are some mistakes that students make who are looking to enter into this field?

They don’t network enough. This business is all about who you know. Don’t be afraid to approach people, ask questions and keep in contact with them!

6. Who would you say had the greatest influence on your career - teacher, colleague, boss, family member - and what did you learn from that person?

My parents. They wouldn’t let me give up or quit on my dreams, and now I literally have my dream job!

7. What is the biggest piece of advice you have for a student interested in this industry?

You never know when your big break is going to come; just don’t quit. You will find your path!

8. Are there mistakes you’ve made during your career, and if so, what lessons have you learned from them?

A TON -- I make mistakes every day! But I just try to learn from them and grow <3

Carolyn Bernardo is an advancement communications manager at Binghamton University. As a Binghamton native, she is passionate about the area and about the University. Have questions, comments or concerns about the blog? Email us at social@binghamton.edu.