Poll: Why Students Choose Binghamton University

Posted by Steven Molinari on March 11, 2015

Have you heard?! Binghamton University is ranked as New York's top four-year public college by American City Business Journal (ACBJ). U.S. News even ranks us as one of their top 50 public universities. And to top it all off, the Wall Street Journal recently ranked us as one of the best public universities for returns on investment.

This made us wonder, what makes Binghamton University so great? We decided to ask students why they chose Binghamton.

Rebecca Tanzer

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"I chose Binghamton because it has good education for a state price." 

Vincent Chow

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"The classes are pretty challenging, especially the science ones."

Uthman Olowa

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"I just felt more comfortable here. It's more diverse than the other schools I applied to. It just felt right." 

Cierra Whelan

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"Binghamton is a great location and it's a pretty prestigious place. It was an honor to be accepted here."

Sabina Cudjoe

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"It's affordable, giving you value for your money."

Kenneth King

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"I really came here to play lacrosse." 

Julie Kline

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"Being from Arizona, I wanted to go somewhere with cold weather and where I could notice the changing seasons. I even bought my first umbrella just for college." 

Danielle Levin

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"Binghamton had such a wide variety of majors to choose from."

Dillon Schade

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"I chose Binghamton University because we are only one of three universities in the nation that have a 100 percent student-run government."

Gary X. Gravesandy

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"Binghamton had the best atmosphere of all the colleges I was looking at. It's just better suited for learning."

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