Your Home Away From Home: An Inside Look at the 6 Amazing Communities at Binghamton University

Posted by Rachel Fisher on October 16, 2015

Inspired by Oxford University's campus model, Binghamton University offers six modern residential communities, each with its own distinct personality, neighborhood feel and faculty master (professors who bring together living and learning, helping students connect their academic life with their life outside the classroom). Whether you're into snacking, service or spectacular views, Binghamton has a community for you!


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Are food quality and sustainability some of your primary motivators in life? Then College-in-the-Woods (CIW) is your spot. Their theme follows the popular farm-to-table movement, with community partners focused on nutrition and hunger outreach. CIW is unique in that it has both corridor-style living and suite-style living within the same building. This community also has its own library, co-rec football field, basketball and volleyball court, and a recently remodeled Night Owl for late-night eating. Because you never know when a study-induced snack-attack may strike. 

S​tyle: Suites and Corridor 

Faculty Master: Tony Preus, Philosophy Professor 

Theme: Feeding a Hungry World and Hungry Minds

Traditions: Casino in the Woods and Woodstock 

Unique Features: CIW Library and The Woods Diner

Dickinson Community

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Dickinson is the birthplace of the residential collegiate system at Binghamton. As the first area built, it became a model for all the others. Today's new buildings are designed to meet all modern standards of safety, functionality and comfort. Dickinson has long been known as the most diverse and social community, with residents involved in a variety of campus organizations and activities. Don't be surprised if you end up rooming with an engineering student who plays soccer and belongs to the Zombie Student Association.

Style: Flats and Designed Triples

Faculty Master: Kim Jaussi, School of Management Professor 

Theme: Sustainability 

Learning Communities: CoRE (Computers, Robotics and Engineering) and ELC (Entrepreneurship Learning Community) 

Traditions: Dickinson Day and Mutant Mania            

Unique Features: The Object and Dickinson Community Players (student-run theater group) 

Hinman College

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Got more school spirit than five Baxter Bearcats combined? Then Hinman College is the place for you! Hinman is made up of five suite-style buildings, housing an average of 200 residents per building, centrally located on campus. Hinman residents are known for their traditions and spirit — they were the founders of co-rec football in our communities — as well as as their interest in community service and leadership. Really, Hinman residents are fanatics -- and they're awesome.

Style: Suites

Faculty Master: Al Vos, English Professor (Watch a great video about Al.)

Theme: Community Service and Leadership 

Learning Community: PSLC (Public Service Learning Community) 

Traditions: Dorm Wars and Hysteria 

Unique Features: Hinman Production Company and shortest walk to classes

Mountainview College

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Want to wake up every morning to an awesome view of campus? Mountainview College is where it's at! Mountainview houses a little over 1,000 students in four halls offering suite-style and designed-triple corridor rooms. Four learning communities attract future nurses, engineers, scientists, artists and activists. This community offers panoramic views of campus and the Binghamton area, with our 182-acre Nature Preserve right across the street. It's like living in a castle on a mountain, minus all of the ghosts and turrets. 

Style: Suites and designed triples 

Faculty Master: Kevin Wright, Human Development Professor 

Learning Communities: EC (Engineering Community), NLC (Nursing Community), STEAM Community (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) + Art, and SALC (Social Actvism Learning Community)

Traditions: 1,000 Cupcakes and King of the Mountain

Unique Features: Great views and outdoor theater 

Newing College

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Are you a Binghamton University scholar? Newing College is where you'll find your home! In 2011, Newing College was renovated with new buildings, co-recreational and programming facilities, and a focus on green living. Residents of Newing have access to the many state-of-the-art amenities of the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center. Hey, you'll never run out of smart study partners!

Style: Corridor 

Faculty Master: Mark Reisinger, Geography Professor 

Learning Communities: Education Learning Community and Binghamton University Scholars Program Learning Community

Traditions: Newing Navy and Co-Rec Football

Unique Features: COIN (Civility. Ownership. Inclusion. Newing) Awards and outdoor firepit 

Apartment Communities

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Crave freedom? Check out the Apartment Communities! The two neighborhoods of the apartment communities -- Susquehanna and Hillside -- provide an attractive alternative for upperclassmen. Apartments, in two-, four- and six-person configurations all feature kitchens, common areas and single or super-single bedrooms. Because you deserve some independence after all those years living with the 'rents. 

Style: 2-person, 4-person, or 6-person apartments

Traditions: Running Canvas and Networking Etiquette Reception 

Unique Features: In-Residence Career and Professional Development Consultant and The Susquehanna Coffee House 

As you can see, each living community has its own unique features that make it such a special place to live in and be a part of.  Be sure to check out the Binghamton University Res Life website for more details on all of the communities!