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Building Administrator Responsibilities

The following is a list of specific areas of responsibility:

  1. Attend a once a semester (Fall and Spring) Building Administrator Roundtable to discuss experiences, successes and challenges and bring issues to the table.  Attend other specially called meetings as necessary.
  2. Maintain a current list of persons responsible for occupied lab spaces, including emergency contact information for each.
  3. Report all safety-related issues immediately to University Police, Environmental Health & Safety or Physical Facilities, as appropriate.  Communicate building-related emergency preparedness procedures to building occupants.
  4. Maintain continuous communication with staff on all building related issues.  Work with Physical Facilities Communications Specialist to create and continually provide updates for a Physical Facilities listserv of appropriate building occupants to assure proper dissemination of pertinent information.  This includes utility shutdowns and disruption of services from other facilities-related work (planned or unplanned).
  5. Maintain awareness of facilities-related problems and communicate with the appropriate campus department for correction of those problems.
  6. Identify, collect and relay suggestions to conserve energy or prevent waste of resources.  Communicate and/or direct inquiries of an environmental or energy nature to Physical Facilities or Environmental Health & Safety as appropriate.
  7. Assist in the education of building occupants as it relates to: a) recycling efforts; b) management procedures / policies such as no smoking, bicycles, skateboards in building, etc.
  8. Oversee building access control.  Authorize the distribution and return of all internal keys and maintain an accurate accounting for this purpose.
  9. Develop building hours and coordinate with University Police.  Coordinate posting of building hours with Physical Facilities.
  10. Approve building passes during silent hours.
  11. Assist Environmental Health & Safety in the coordination of building fire drills.
  12. Review all building related crime and incident reports received from University Police Department.
  13. Initiate remedial action resulting from regulatory audits.  Assist with escorting of regulatory inspectors if requested.

Last Updated: 3/16/17