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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I sign on to Business Intelligence?

On the Business System Portal page under the Business Intelligence block click on the Reporting System Sign-on link.


2. If I try to sign on to BI but discover I do not have access who should I contact?

You should first attend BI training. Please contact the University Center for Training & Development for a schedule of training sessions. If you have completed training and still don't have access then please contact our Security Administrator – Connie Naccarato (x72938).


3. How can I determine what my SUNY account numbers are?

One option is to use the Reference Dashboard and the Reporting Structure Page within that dashboard can be used to search for your department. Instructions are available beginning on page 17 of the Training Manual which can be accessed via the BUBS Portal.


4. I'm in the Business Intelligence Account Summary dashboard but some of my revenue data is missing. Where is it?

If an IFR, SUTRA, or DIFR-IFR account is not sub accounted then all revenue will post to the parent account (xxxxxx-00). However if the account has been sub accounted, then all revenue will post to the xxxxxx-99 sub account. To view total revenue data make sure you use the six digit account number (excluding the two digit suffix) then click 'Apply' in Business Intelligence (BI).
If you have sub accounted after the fiscal year has begun, call the Accounting office for more help on how to view revenue data in BI.

5. Where are the revenue transaction descriptions in BI?
The SUNY Financial System does not permit transaction descriptions for deposits, revenue adjustments, or balance transfers and therefore this information is not included in BI.
Revenue transactions with a From Date and To Date covering a 15-day revenue cycle is deposit activity for which you can get more detail from the revenue web application. For example, if the From Date is 6/30/13 and the To Date is 7/15/13, access the revenue web application IFR Account module and select the associated account and revenue cycle to view the individual transactions which tie out with the BI posting.
When the From Date and To Date are only one day apart (for example, From Date is 7/10/13 and To Date is 7/11/13) and the revenue class is 18178, this is most likely a balance transfer requested by your department. These are manual entries processed by the Revenue Accounting office and an email confirmation is sent to the department representative upon completion of the transaction. Keep these confirmation emails to assist in reconciling your account.

List of FY16-17 & FY15-16 Revenue Journals


6. Why is BI not working properly/why is some of my information missing? 

BI was upgraded to work with Internet Explorer (IE) version 11, but it is suggested that you use either FireFox or Google Chrome.

Additionally, try clearing the cache for your browser. The method for this varies depending on the browser as follows:

>For Chrome click the three lines at the top right of the screen entitled "Customize and control Google Chrome". Click History and Clear browsing data. Next to "Obliterate the following items from:" change the drop down to "the beginning of time". Check the box labeled "Empty the cache". Click "Clear browsing data".

> For Firefox press the control, shift and delete keys at the same time. A dialog box opens. Next to "Time range to clear" change the drop down to "Everything". Check the box labeled "Cache". Click "Clear now".

>For IE click Tools and Delete Browsing History. Deselect "Preserve Favorites website data" and select "Temporary Internet files", "Cookies" and "History". Click "Delete".


7. Who can I contact for additional help with BI usage?

Please contact Scott Hatch (x72099) or Desera Johnson (x75154).


Last Updated: 4/4/17