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Calendar of Events for 2018

Seniors! Check here for all the activities and events we've got planned for you. This calendar may be updated as events are added. A full description of events can be found below the calendar.

Senior Days Event Highlight

President's Champagne Send-off - This event brings all seniors together for a toast with the Binghamton University President, Harvey Stenger while providing lots of food and fun! Pre-Registration is required. 


Senior Bowling Night - Free Bowling & Billiards for all Seniors with ID! (University Union)

Open House Day for Seniors - Offices and Departments on campus open their offices to Seniors for a chance to say goodbye and celebrate the upcoming graduation. Here is a list of participating offices:

  • Dean of Students UUW205
  • Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Multicultural Resource Center LSG 500
  • Judaic Studies / Randy Friedman Library Tower 13th Floor
  • Late Nite Binghamton UU 007/008
  • Center for Civic Engagement UU-137
  • Evolutionary Studies/Susan Ryan EvoS Suite - S3-113
  • Watson Career and Alumni Connections Engineering Building, C-Pod
  • Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development University Union (UU-133)

Last Updated: 5/14/18